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Finding an Agent in our Directory of Literary Agents

So, how do you find an agent to promote your work? Right here is a good place to start. Browse (by location or by topic) or search through our directory of agents to find the right agent for you.

Remember, it is important to approach agents that deal with the type of book you intend to publish.

Finding a Literary Agent can be the making of a writing career.

What Does A Literary Agent Do?

There is more to being a writer than stringing words together. Even great writers have to do more than write.

Unless you can persuade someone to publish the words you slave over, your writing will remain unknown and unread and writing will drain rather than fill your bank account.

That's where a Literary Agent comes in. Your literary agent is the book-marketing expert who can sell your crafted words to jaded publishing professionals. He or she can turn a manuscript gathering dust in your desk drawer into a published book paying the bills. A reputable agent will go to work for you to make sure that your writing pays what it should.

An agent will give your work a much better chance of escaping the slush piles that threaten to overwhelm the office space of all successful publishers. Your job, which isn't easy, is produce writing that an agent can believe in.

Can I Trust An Agent Listed in This Directory?

The WritersNet Directory of Literary Agents may include agents who charge a reading fee for reviewing a manuscript. This is often considered an indicator of a disreputable agent. For this reason, agents who charge a reading fee are required to include this fact in their WritersNet profile. Since agents enter themselves into our database, you cannot assume that every literary agent in our directory is reliable or fair.

For advice about a particular agent, try posting a question in our discussion forums. Alternatively, check whether the agent you are considering approaching is a member of the Association of Authors Representatives (US) or the Association of Authors Agents (UK). Both organizations have stringent membership requirements which exclude the dubious practices which are a sad fact of the publishing industry.

There are reputable agents who do not belong to these organisations. But any agent whose terms do not fall within the bounds of what these organizations consider acceptable practice should be approached with caution. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc maintains a very useful resource for writers, which describes what writers should beware of and offers case studies and warnings regarding untrustworthy agents.


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