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Brenda Farrar-Ejemai  
In 1994, Brenda Farrar-Ejemai wrote her first piece of literature, a poem, entitled: ‘Experience’. Two years later, in 1996, her children’s book: Roast Beef and Gravy and Black Tongue was written. In 1998, both Poetry From The Heart and a motivational series (including The Goal, Worry, and Fear) ...
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Joseph-J Charles  
Mr. Charles is happy to announce the release of his new book titled, "The Long Lost Garden Of Eden". Read reviews and purchase a copy @ http://bookstore.shopnowshop.com The Long Lost Garden of Eden: Fruit Consumption as the Foundation of the Ultimate Diet Revolution is a tribute to the fruit gr...
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Barry Chalofsky  
BARRY CHALOFSKY, P.P., CPM has been a licensed Professional Planner in New Jersey for over 36 years. He is also an adjunct Professor at Rutgers University where he teaches courses in environmental and land use planning. His private environmental/land use consulting practice focuses on environmenta...
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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz  
Jennifer Geacone-Cruz relocated from the New York City area to Tokyo, Japan in 2002. She has been the International Text Supervisor and a contributor for Harper's Bazaar Magazine's Japanese-language edition since 2003. Her fashion editorial work can also be seen in Glitter, Nozze White, and ot...
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William Honachefsky PP,QEP,PLS  
William Honachefsky is an environmental scientist and a licensed professional planner and licensed land surveyor. His publications are located in 64 countries around the world. He has lectured nationally and internationally including the American Museum of Natural Hst, National Geographic and the En...
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Jim Stapleton  
Business person in Calgary for 25 years, diamond exploration geologist, prospected Peace River Country for 10 years. Interest in business philosophy and the politics of investing in the Caribbean and Central America as a way of aiding Third World countries to develop infrastructure that will lead to...
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Foster Winans  
Winans has ghosted, co-written, and/or independently produced more than 30 books. In 1999 he founded a nonprofit writers's resource center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and ran it for six years before returning to writing and producing books. R. Foster Winans was a Wall Street Journal co...
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Karen Mitchell Tremmel  
Karen Tremmel was born and raised in the Tennessee Valley at the foot of Lookout Mountain, surrounded by dramatic scenes of nature and wildlife, juxtaposed with steel mills, dams, farming and fragments of the Civil War. Karen relocated to Canada where she spent her time back to nature exploring the ...
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Daniel Bloom SPHR, SSBB, SCRP  
Dan is a human capital strategic partner who can make the bridge from the old human resource model to the new business process model having worked in the recruiting, training, EEO and consulting aspects of the industry. After 30 years involved in the industry, he is a Subject Matter Expert on issues...
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