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Carolyn M Johnson  
I am an independent librarian, published educational author and writer of published articles about nature for a general audience, plus articles for families and librarians, poems and book reviews. I also write and have written manuscripts of novels for middle grade readers, beginning readers, early ...
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Andy Koopmans  
I am a professional writer and editor with over a dozen non-fiction titles in publication. I am also a fiction writer with publications in numerous journals including Fiction International, Central Park, The Southern Anthology, Collage & Bricolage, The Journal of Experimental Fiction, Conception...
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Kate Bazilevsky  
HPA Press publishes works that further Human Population Academy’s global mission: to educate people about the laws of human Nature, the Catalog of human population (Catalog of Human Souls), and scientific research of its source—Shan Hai Jing. www.HumanPopulationAcademy.org/HPA-Press-publis...
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Carmela Maraan Fernando  
As a content manager for a web design and web development company, I write and edit articles for several blogging, online marketing, technology, and web development sites. I have also written for above- and below-the-line advertising material, as well as entertainment and adult content.
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Shoshana De Paz  
I have written speeches for ministers, science and technology articles for space agencies, and press releases for National Defence. But I have the most fun when I write with my soul exposed. It is a tingling sensation, rather like a shivering touch shooting down your back.
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Vijay Menon  
Vijay Menon is a marketing and communication consultant and author of “Innovation Stories from India Inc”. He helps organisations to tell their story better and is interested in large marcom and writing projects. For details, please visit www.vijaymenon.com
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Sarah Lira  
My Dream is to be a Legend, after I die. My name is Sarah also known as roxy, I dream to be a famous writer some day. A moral ending writer. I will not rest till My IcCa Chronicles are published and sold, known throughout the world.
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H. M. Schemske  
I'm a writer of non-fiction about Aromatherapy, and lectured in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. I am living both in Germany (native speaker) and in USA. Lately I discovered writing crime novels - please look at my website: www.schemske.com
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Peter-Robert Koenig  
ONE MAN'S MEAT IS ANOTHER MAN'S POISON since 1985 I've been putting together the bits of the puzzle that make the Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon
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