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Shel Horowitz  
Which would you rather read? "Electronic Privacy Expert Releases New Book" (snore!) or "It's 10 O'Clock-Do You Know Where Your Credit History Is?" Press releases, sellsheets, web pages...copywriting that tells "the story behind the story"- from the award-winning author of Grassroots Marketing f...
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Gerianne B Van Vugt  
Gerianne B. Van Vugt was born in 1959, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. At the age of eleven, she moved to the province of Ontario, and lived in various cities for some nineteen years. During this time she attended Sheridan College, in Oakville and received her Diploma in Human Services Admini...
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Kristen Gustafson  
In high school, I was known as "The girl who wants to write books." It wasn't a big mystery: when I wasn't editing the school paper, twirling batons with the majorettes, or washing cars for some group or another, I was reading or writing. In college, in a fit of practicality, I registered as an ed...
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Ritchie Felix  
Ritchie Felix is a Prolific Writer, a Medallion Award winner, a Poet, a Novelist, an Essayist, impeccable Story Teller of note, Corporate Re-branding Expert, Business Consultant, a trained Physicist, ICt4D and e-payment solution Expert, a highly sought after Conference Speaker of Note, e-commerce Co...
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Lee Johnson  
Lee Johnson(1954-) was born in WA, but relocated when two years old to San Francisco, Ca. He was raised and influenced during the cultural movement of the 1960s and 70s. His interest in psychology developed out of a curiosity to understand the colorful street people of that era. This resulted in...
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Brenda  Mohammed  
Brenda Mohammed is a retired banker and former Insurance Professional. Brenda always loved writing and started writing for fun in her spare time. In 1989 she wrote "Memoirs of Dr.A.M.Khan" which gives a brief insight into the life of her father. In 1999 she wrote "A Life worth Living." It is a sho...
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George Anderson  
George Anderson has over 43 years experience as a human being. He has an opinion on just about everything and especially enjoys reveling in the agony and misfortune of others. Perhaps not noble traits, but life is short so why not enjoy it. Mr. Anderson (occasionally publishing under the pseudon...
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Randall M Mooney  
Randall M. Mooney is the co-founder and President of The DeRanz Companies, Inc. and an ordained minister. Mr. Mooney began writing in the seventh grade and is also a skilled musician and songwriter. He toured with a contemporary Christian band in the 1970's and 1980's - has written over three hundre...
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J. LaBarge Bryan  
Professional Profile: Twenty-eight (28) total years combined civilian and military tenure as a strategic and tactical intelligence analyst serving at Department of the Army, Department of Defense, Joint, International, and multinational levels worldwide. Nineteen years, seven months, and fourt...
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