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Ana Luisa Valdés  
I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1953. I spent four years in jail for political reasons and was deported to Sweden 1978. I live in Stockholm since then and I am now a professional writer and journalist, writing in Spanish and Swedish. I am also an social anthropologist.
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Richard A Bamberg  
Richard Bamberg - soldier, author, poet, and thief. Watch out, he'll steal your heart with his strong characters set in dire situations. His writing leans toward thrillers with a touch of science fiction and horror. The Phoenix Egg is his fourth novel.
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Elizabeth Clark  
Elizabeth Clark is a forty-nine year old Texan transplanted to New Jersey. She has been writing for many years and writes in many genres. She is a talented woman and has a unique style. She can in a few words make one laugh, cry, feel scared or feel shamed.
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Kathryn Lively  
Kathryn Lively is the author of LITTLE FLOWERS, an inspirational fiction novel from Highbridge Press. She has penned numerous non-fiction articles about the Internet for Link-UP Magazine and The Net, among others. She is currently working on a second novel.
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Patricia Pettijohn  
I am a published writer of nonfiction, a professional librarian, and a lesbian feminist hoping to publish fiction. I am interested in a smaller scale electronic writers group of like-minded folks. While I have never been in the closet, my fiction has.
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Donovan Lee  
My writing has been in Hot Shots, Guys, Campus Tales, and two Alyson anthologies: Slow Grind and My First Time 2. I live with my boyfriend. Getting Past Almost: Expanded Edition is my erotic novel about a gay man searching for satisfaction and love.
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David Rozgonyi  
I am a 32-year-old US/Hungarian citizen currently living and writing in southern Hungary. My first book, Goat Trees: Tales from the Other Side of the World, was published in 2006. When not tinkering with my VW bus, I write and travel constantly.
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Cold Coffee Cafe  
Theodocia McLean is the Owner of Cold Coffee Press. She is a multi-book, multi-genre author who works hard to promote other authors as a way of giving back. Showcase and Sell your Books for Free at our online Café. http://coldcoffeecafe.com/
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Susan Sam Hughes-Pagitt  
I am a 38 year old native of Coastal Georgia transplanted to West Texas. A former military brat who has traveled extensively in the South and lived in Germany. I have a wife of 8 years and we are enjoying raising our teenaged daughter.
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