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Christine Hall Volkoff  
I am a multicultural woman, born in France, and living in the U.S. I wrote "Travels Through Love and Time", under an unescapable compulsion. Writing it helped me through a very rough period, and it is my hope that reading it can help others, in feeling better about their journeys through non confo...
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Judith Colombo  
Judith Woolcock Colombo was born in Kingston Jamaica WI. She came to the USA in 1969 to attend college. She taught English at the college level for over 20 years in New York City. She now lives in rural New York with her husband. Her first novel The "Fablesinger" was published in 1989 by the C...
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Christy Summerland  
I love to write. I don’t like writing about myself. It seems a little too strange to me. So here’s a short blurb from a fellow writer: Christy Summerland likes to write with a rock and roll sensibility. Her main characters are typically outgoing yet wounded, and come across with a lot of att...
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Sylvia Stoddard  
In the 60's & 70's I had a few articles published, wrote many yet to be published short stories and began writing my first book, "The Deadly Season". Unfortunately, or fortunately, however one might look at it, I became so involved in building successful businesses in the hospitality industry, I ha...
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Michele Hale  
I've been writing since I learned how to write and published since 2002. I've tried to the agent thing a few times, but discovered that I was better satisfied doing things myself. In 2004, I started my own publishing company, Cowgirlie Publishing, and released Undone in 2005. In 2006, I started a...
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Amichi Garabaldy  
i make 9374200 Euros a year thanks to my world wide known Book "Gispr Nizacka" i am a famous writer and have written the book "dangling by dawn" "Monkeys in the Moonlight" "Pigs in the bathroom" "2 ways to be stupid" "100 ways to dumb" "hung by honey comb" "girlz and boyz" (A book for 'special teen...
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Martha Woods  
Martha Woods is an avid writer of paranormal romance. Her latest series include: Fatal Allure, Werewolves of Boulder Junction, Princess Anastacia’s Tales, The Calder Witches, and Second Sight Series have been entertaining avid paranormal readers across the globe. She considers herself...
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Kissa Starling  
Kissa Starling resides in the southern state of Georgia with her family and numerous pets. She writes in several different genres and loves the challenge of branching out. A lot of her time is spent boxing on the Wii and drinking cherry lime-aids from lime-green bendy straws. She enjoys old movies, ...
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Richard Shekari  
Richard Shekari is a novelist, song writer, singer, and a poet from Abuja, Nigeria. He is a children's rights and peace activist who never fails to express his passion for a better world. His chronology is fully portrayed in the forthcoming autobiography ABANDONED. He is currently working as a...
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