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Jess Mowry  
I'm the author of Way Past Cool, Phat Acceptance, Voodu Dawgz and Skeleton Key as well as other novels for and about black kids and teens, such as Six Out Seven, Babylon Boyz, Rats In The Trees, Ghost Train, Bones Become Flowers, When All Goes Bright, Tyger Tales and Children Of The Night. My s...
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Richard Smiraldi  
After having graduated from a small college in Westchester with a degree in English literature, I moved into Manhattan in order to find a life of which to write about. I was young and eager. I wandered around the town with only F. Scott Fitzgerald to guide me. Most of the places he mentions in his n...
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S P Mount  
My Ex-position-al Life S P Mount was born with a biro in his grubby little grasp. A cheap pen, because, apart from it being the sixties and the only computer available being one's own brain, the family he'd been allocated couldn't have afforded much more than that. But a mistake had been ...
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John Roberson  
"He is grateful that he only has twelve readers, as he fears a thirteenth might betray him."--John Barth JOHN LINTON ROBERSON Cartoonist, Writer, and Editor Site: http://home.earthlink.net/~bottomlessstudio John Linton Roberson was raised in Charleston, SC, much to his regret. In 1987 he ent...
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Stacy Taylor  
I'm an over thirty southern girl now living in the wilds of Alaska--which aren't really all that wild in downtown Fairbanks. Because I work a full time job and have a teenage son to keep up with, I write mostly short fiction and flash fiction with an occasional article or essay thrown in for go...
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Cekoy Adien Eubadenuae  
I am a 40 year-old guy in Portland, Oregon, with a great (95%) finished work of sci-fi/fantasy that is now available as an eBook at wormebooks.com entitled "The Fourth Aepoch of Atlantis: The Great Fire From Heaven." It is actually the center book for an entire series! In fact, the prequels are lo...
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Jacob Kuhn  
I have been writing since I was 11 years old. My very first work was a haiku I wrote in the sixth grade. Although I don't remember it much, I remember it had something to do with a bird sticking its beak in someone's eye. That started my lifelong fascination with horror. As a teenager, I was w...
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Cash Pawley  
AUTHOR BIO: Cash Pawley was born in Tampa, Florida in 1970. After graduating High School at 17, he felt a strong calling to enter the Marine Corps. After being discharged from the Marines, he worked mostly in Restaurant Management for the next 12 years. He married in 1993 and had one son. He D...
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Sharon Bidwell  
Sharon was born in London on New Year’s Eve. She has always followed many creative pursuits. Eventually, her love of books and a wild imagination compelled her to focus on writing. The first short story she submitted — Silver Apples of the Moon — was accepted by Roadworks Magazine. The editor ...
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45 works listed

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