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At the time, I thought it was hell, but now I'm glad to have had a high school English teacher that was so demanding. Since I suffered a stroke a few years ago, I've been writing a lot; the more I write, the better it gets (dare I say I enjoy it?). Thank goodness for the internet and on-line cours...
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Michael Shandrick  
Co-author of a prize-winning biography. Former journalist and feature-writer. Author of two novels and six scripts, which I'm now marketing to agents. One of the scripts (a period piece based on my book) was a quarter-finalist in the Heart of Austin Screenplay Contest 2000, (top ten percent of n...
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Karen Bledsoe  
I have published nearly books for children, primarily nonfiction for the school and library market, as well as articles in magazines such as Odyssey and Appleseeds. I teach college biology, edit a science education research journal, and I'm a curriculum coordinator on a genetics education project i...
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Brian Stephens  
I worked in the gas and oil exploration industry in the UK for more than 20 years. Then following a few moments of madness decided to give it all up and move to the South of France to start a new career in a new country. Easier said than done, but done it was...in 2008, I now design websites...
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Sarvesh Tiwari  
Sarvesh Tiwari was born in 1971 in UP,India. He worked with the TV Today (Aaj Tak) and Zee News before joining The Voice Of India a 24-hour Hindi news channel in Delhi as Senior Producer. In a career spanning seventeen years he has covered some of the biggest news stories in India and Africa. He is ...
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James L. Grant  
I am 29, live in Dallas, TX, and am getting back into writing. A few online articles of mine (but to paying publications, woo hoo!) are out there. I'm also the miscreant behind FLEM Comics, a long-running webcomic that is a leetle bit popular. I am marketing my first novel at this time, and submi...
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Sam Vaknin  
Sam Vaknin ( http://samvak.tripod.com ) is the author of Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited and After the Rain - How the West Lost the East. He served as a columnist for Central Europe Review, PopMatters, and eBookWeb , a United Press International (UPI) Senior Business Correspondent, an...
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H F Jansen Estrup  
Born 1939 in rural Florida, I attended half a dozen colleges, traveled the world, fought wars, retired from United States military service and have lived 'off the grid' in the Southern Sierras with my wife, Carole, an artist, and a long succession of coyote-dogs for more than twenty five years. I am...
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Ryu Cope  
Ryu Cope is the creator of the Ryu-Ki System™ roleplaying game and its first world setting, Sunserra™. He is also the creator of the popular (and free) “Uncle Figgy’s” roleplaying guides. As his alter ego, Wakageryu, he is the creator of the “Totally Harmless Toys” art series. Historically, Ryu ...
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