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Stephen Kaufman  
Mr. Kaufman is the celebrated author of Sword in the Boardroom, Self-Revealization Acceptance, The Shogun Scrolls, The Living Tao, The Hanshi of Central Park (Hanshi Warrior Press) Musashi's Book of Five Rings, Sun Tzuís Art of War, (Tuttle) and Zen and the Art of Stickfighting (NTC/Contemporary). H...
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David Petersen  
It's always more interesting to learn about people in person (or e-person these days). If you want the "bullet" however, I am originally from Canada, and have been traveling and living abroad for nearly 20 years now. Along the way I have walked the tunnels under the Korean DMZ, done archaeology in S...
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Jeff Howe  
I, like most everyone else, was born to a woman. As luck would have it, she turned out to be my mother. A lifelong relationship has resulted from this strange event which neither of us discuss very much. I was born in Maine. Some would say that makes me a Mainiac, with or without an "e." I say it...
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Anthony DiGiorgio  
I write about the wrongs done by society. My first book a letter to god published by iUniverse.com, is a satire on the idea that a god is responsible for the evil that man has created. My second book The Naked Cynic, being published by 1stbook.com is a dark fiction about love. Thin...
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Abe F. March  
Abe March has been a self-made business man for the better part of his career. Whether promoting consumer products or doing consultant work across the globe, he took the risks necessary to succeed and weathered many ups and downs in his career. His book describes his experiences as a sales exe...
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Linda Leier Thomason  
Communicator who researches and writes assigned articles and ghost authors speeches for corporate, non-profit and political leaders. I have written copy for 24 issues of an award-winning magazine. In addition, I have written and had published feature pieces, white papers, issue papers, bus...
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Sharon Sakson  
I am a journalist, writer, and television producer with a special interest in animals, particularly dogs. Master of Fine Arts in Writing degree from the New School for Social Research, 2005. . I was an editor at Dow Jones Newswires, of The Wall Street Journal, Barronís, and other Dow Jone...
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Barbara O'Sullivan  
I am a published author for my Elizabethan history book, The King's Quinto: The Life and Times of Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618) ISBN 1413708285 February 2004, and my novel, Oscar Defoe and the Victorian Workhouse 1834 was released in May 2006 (ISBN 1424138000). My third novel is historical tru...
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Kingston Dutiro  
A straight talker, born 10th April, 1962 in Harare, started school at St Alban's Mission of the Anglican Church in Chiweshe then Chengu School. Highfield High School in the same township. Worked for Chitungwiza Urban Council, ZRP, Mardon Printers, Cold Storage Commission, Domboshava Training College...
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