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Kristina Wolf  
I've written many articles, some of which were published in a local newspaper, as well as written hundreds of poems, some of which were published in anthologies. I've also written several books, mostly nonfiction, which are listed below. The nonfiction works were written as the result of personal ...
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John Evan-Jones Psy.D Ph.D  
John Evan-Jones Psy.D Ph.D is a British Management Psychologist, best-selling Author & Management School Lecturer. Recently voted Europe´s leading personal development coach, he has written 20 best-sellers in Europe. He recently made Scandinavian history (week 44 - 2005),when he had 4 books in the T...
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Wendy Ghannam  
Born and raised in Southern Tier New York State. WEB of BETRAYAL is my first writing effort to seriously enlighten all of American what is truly going on inside the U.S. Civilian Service when someone becomes injured on his/her job. I also speak around the country about what I experienced in WEB ...
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Jean-Baptiste Waldner  
Jean-Baptiste Waldner is a technology-managing consultant for various companies. He has also worked as head of operations with large multinational companies, where he instigated worldwide transformations based on the intensive use of IT, telecommunications and digital technologies. www.waldner-co...
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Vijay Menon  
Vijay Menon is a marketing and communication consultant and author of “Innovation Stories from India Inc”. He helps organisations to tell their story better and is interested in large marcom and writing projects. For details, please visit www.vijaymenon.com
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Valerie Atkinson Brown  
I love to research and write. I've been writing professionally since 1993. It would be nice to network with fellow writers! Contact me at: valerie198@yahoo.com The ID for this account has the old address (which is no longer valid: valerie199_3@yahoo.com)
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James Lada  
Jim has a project in the works. He is working on short stories and a book on his various jobs as an auto mechanic. This book will have inside information to help out consumers. Jim and Kathy believe in Jesus Christ and it shows in their writing.
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D. Terry  
D. Terry enjoys publishing self-help publications to assist others in the betterment of their lives. He is currently single, and lives in Cincinnati, OH He enjoys writing, travel and meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
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Cold Coffee Cafe  
Theodocia McLean is the Owner of Cold Coffee Press. She is a multi-book, multi-genre author who works hard to promote other authors as a way of giving back. Showcase and Sell your Books for Free at our online Café. http://coldcoffeecafe.com/
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