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As a South African I emigrated to Croatia over eight years ago, a beautiful country and has great potential. I am enjoying my peaceful life and writing became part of it. Learning a foreign language is one of my big challenges.
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Jane Abao  
Reviewer in the field of Arts, Writers' Resources, and Freelance writing. Internet writer-researcher on a wide range of topics. Graduate of BS Journalism, MS Development Communication, and Ph.D. Education.
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Racheline Maltese  
Writer of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. The first volume of the three book series, The Book of Harry Potter Trifles and Particularities, will be released November 28, 2007 from Sterling & Ross.
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Irene Helen Zundel  
Irene Helen Zündel Freelance Writer 410-C Ceylon Road Carmichaels, PA 15320 Phone (724) 966-2903 Email artwhiz@greenepa.net http://www.greenepa.net/~artwhiz
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Nick Renton AM  
Author of over 70 non-fiction books, including four ebooks. Actuary and company director - see also http://users.bigpond.net.au/renton/101.htm
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Bryan Boy  
I want to have a book deal one day. Simply because I'm vulgar and entertaining. http://www.bryanboy.com is my website.
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J Hasday  
Have written 9 books for young adult market in the past 3 years. Have B.A. & Ed. M. from Temple Universi
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Naira R. Matevosyan  
A physician, jurist, musician, mother, who also writes books in various genres.
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Christopher Goranson  
Originally from Denver, Colorado. Presently living in New York City.
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