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Andrew Murray  
Andrew Murray is a children's writer who lives in London. His friends think he has too many weird ideas and eats too much cheese. Andrew likes stormy nights, and books about long ago and faraway places. He likes cats too, as long as they don't leave hairs on his cheese. His books include The B...
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Matt Murphy  
I have three books in print, one published by a POD publisher and two self-published. I'm only interested in traditional publishing now. I have a decent grasp on the art of writing but am most concerned with learning the craft right now. Previous writing/journalism experience includes: sp...
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Stuart Macfarlane  
I have had 6 books published with several planned for next year. I accept commissions for humorous books and articles. Published Books include: The Little Book of Calm for Cats Transworld The Little Book of the Internet Exley The Little Book of Stess Exley Over 30's Jokes Ex...
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Terry Vaughn Skaug  
I am a storyteller. A trade honored for centuries in many cultures. A gifted storyteller entertains and teaches life�s lessons with words. As a student of Writer's Digest classes and a member of various writing groups, I work to improve my skill as a storyteller and appreciate the opportuni...
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Carl Tuohey  
Mr. Carl "Cal" Tuohey has lived his entire life in the Erie Canal town of Medina, New York. He and his wife, Jeanne, have been married for 34 years and have two children, Elizabeth and Jackson. In addition to his career as a systems analyst, Mr. Tuohey has taken on many endeavors. These include a...
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Sally Adams  
As a single mother of three I have a mission to open people's minds to the joys of single parenting. I lead workshops on managing time around your priorities, the healthy divorce and the multi-home family. My work is imbued with a sense of humor and fun and, of course, passion. My first book, "From ...
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George Hathaway  
I was born in Massachusetts in 1945. I graduated from Suffield Academy in Suffield, Connecticut and received my BS degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I have been a business and technology professional, manager and executive for 40 years. In the past ten years I discovered my true cal...
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James Collins  
I have written and self-published via lulu.com five books which, I am pleased to say, are selling. I enjoy writing comedy as well as mystery/treasure hunt novels and have also written for the stage, including music and lyrics for musiclas and revues, (UK). I am now a freelance writer and reviewe...
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Stasia Weston  
I've been writing in fits and starts for as long as I can remember (literally, I was writing words by the age of three, paragraphs and stories--if you can call them that--by the age of four). I have two creative degrees under my belt, a BFA in theatre and an MA in poetry. Since earning the MA, I'v...
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