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I was Born in Rome Italy during the war. I came to America on Dec 9th 1954 I first saw Lady Liberty at that time. I began the chase for the American Dream at that time and through years of hard work and sacrifices i caught it. Once retired (five years ago) I decided to fullfill one last challen...
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Cathe Jones  
Born in Boston, Cathe has a varied background, earning several degrees, and status as US Navy Veteran. As a stand up comic she has performed throughout the US and Canada in internationally recognized clubs, including the Improv and the Comedy Store. Cathe has also been a member of Second City, and ...
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Stan Mcdonald  
About Stan McDonald Stan McDonald is a late-middle-aged American male. (He can’t bring himself to say “senior” because he’s not quite there yet and he’s definitely not feeling it.) He’s lived his entire life in four middle-Tennessee cities. He’s well educated, but not bookish. One o...
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Kimberly & Jerry Peterson  
Writing is my passion...the days I do not take the time to write are the days when I do not feel complete. Now put this passion together with our love for travel, photography and NASCAR then you have our dream life. We are full time RVers, which for those of you that are unfamiliar with this t...
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Eric D. Goodman  
Eric D. Goodman is an American writer of literary fiction, commercial fiction, childrens literature, and non-fiction. He has been writing since a grade-school story assignment turned him on to the craft more than a quarter century ago. Eric is the author of TRACKS, a novel in stories (Atticus Bo...
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Robert Gillis  
Robert Gillis grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts and is a graduate of Boston College High School and U/Mass Boston. Although he's been a professional computer programmer for nearly 20 years, his first love has always been writing, and he has written a regular opinion piece for the Foxboro Reporte...
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Jozette Aaron  
About the Author Jozette Aaron has been published in both fiction and non-fiction since 2000. Her first two books, published as e-books are no longer available. They will both be offered in print in the very near future. Her non-fiction short stories have been accepted for inclusion in fiv...
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Robin Gill  
While working as an acquisitions editor and translation-checker for two tokyo-based publishers (books served include: levi: periodic table, lopez: winter count; lovelock: gaia), 7 of my own bks were published between 1984 -1991, including han-nihonjinron (anti-japanology), eigo-wa konna-ni nihongo ...
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Gordon McShean  
I grew up in Scotland, becoming involved in radical Scottish nationalist activities. My actions then - and at various other times throughout my life - were tempered by a chronic heart condition (I wrote my first book OPERATION NEW ZEALAND about this). I escaped potential arrest in the UK by taking w...
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