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Sam Cain  
Finished my first book in June-2008 called "Silent Whispers and Dark Shadows". It is a non-fictional story about a cult my family participated in decades ago. As my family tried to leave the cult they began to experience strange, unexplainable events. My book talks about dreams, the spirit realm,...
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Carolyn Theriault  
I hold a questionably useful graduate degree in Egyptology (archaeology, literature & language) and an equally impractical undergraduate degree in Classics. Feeling most centred when traveling around the Mediterranean rim, I keep a somewhat nostalgic eye on the diminishing minarets, muezzins, medina...
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Amichi Garabaldy  
i make 9374200 Euros a year thanks to my world wide known Book "Gispr Nizacka" i am a famous writer and have written the book "dangling by dawn" "Monkeys in the Moonlight" "Pigs in the bathroom" "2 ways to be stupid" "100 ways to dumb" "hung by honey comb" "girlz and boyz" (A book for 'special teen...
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Subhash Bhore  
Subhash studied Botany at University of Pune (Pune, India) & Genetics at UKM, Malaysia. In 2009, he was nominated for the AASIO Young Scientist Award. Currently,he is serving as Associate Professor (of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) at AIMST University, Malaysia. He has published more th...
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Demo Gurl  
i write. that is all. someone should give me money so i can sit at home and write all day and all night. i'm working on two novels. a compilation of short stories that will also include a cd of my music and of course the memoirs...isn't everybody? my grammar sucks but i have a nice friend who ...
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Lawrence Onuzulike  
Growing up in an action filled environment, Lawrence Onuzulike thinks it will be difficult to run out of ideas in his lifetime. A fearless activist who is fiercely against discriminations and wars of any kind. He is also an avid campaigner for more respect for women worldwide and for better life ...
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Bill Scott  
I am a paranormal investigator. My books called "There's the Book... Volume I in the Ghost Hunter Series" and "Patti's Ghost Chasers...Volume II in the Ghost Hunter Series" are my first and second works released by Publish America. I am currently working on my third and making plans for the fourth...
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Sherri Granato  
Sherri is the author of the book, Haunted America & Other Paranormal Travels, released on 04/09/2015. Sherri, her husband, John, and their three daughters have traveled the United States extensively in search of haunted venues. Their goal is to seek out those rare locations that exhibit the combinat...
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James L. Grant  
I am 29, live in Dallas, TX, and am getting back into writing. A few online articles of mine (but to paying publications, woo hoo!) are out there. I'm also the miscreant behind FLEM Comics, a long-running webcomic that is a leetle bit popular. I am marketing my first novel at this time, and submi...
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7 works listed

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