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Edward O'Toole  
Edward O'Toole was born in the historic English city of Chester. Having moved around the United Kingdom in early childhood, living in North Wales, the Yorkshire Moors and near to the Uffington White Horse, he was educated at Isaac Newton’s old school in Grantham and later studied Culture, poetry and...
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David Domine  
David Dominé lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he teaches foreign languages and translation at Bellarmine University. In addition to an MFA in Writing from Spalding University, he has an MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Louisville and an MA in German Literature from the University...
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Rick Drew  
I guess I would call myself a country boy, no silver spoon in my mouth either. I grew in a small town in South Georgia where you could ride a bike or walk anywhere without fear. My family moved to Central Florida in 1967 before Disney World. I returned to my roots as a young adult , but instead of m...
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Travis French  
I am 36 and single with no children which in my neck of the woods means two things, I must be demented and I have got all the time in the world to do whatever I want to do. Although I do come from a relatively small corner of the world I have traveled, seen, and done more then most ever get to, fro...
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Kristina Stancil  
Kristina Stancil has a BA in Social and Criminal Justice and an MH in English. I am located in Houma, LA about 45 minutes from New Orleans, LA. Kristin has been published extensively and the awards I've won have been listed below. AWARDS: 2001...
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Paul William Roberts  
Born in Wales Educated Raynes Park School & Exeter College, Oxford (M.A.) Studied Sanskrit at the Hindu University Benares and Bangalore University (D.Phil); studied Hebrew and Aramaic in Jerusalem and UC Berkeley. Taught Renaissance literature and neo-Platonism at St Peter's College, Oxford. Te...
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Aestheteka ...  
www.aestheteka.com www.aestheteka.forumwise.com Formerly esoterica and gnostic correspondent for Phenomena Magazine Clavis ISBN 1591460352 $15.00 Paperback: 583 pages Publisher: Crystal Dreams Publishing (May 2006) Language: English http://www.crystaldreamspublishing.com/catalo...
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Christy Smith-Johnson  
I am currently writing a true murder crime story involving numerous investigative misconceptions, contradictions, cover-ups, and unnecessary danger the investigator caused to the victim's family after the death took place. I would like to finish writing the story myself but am more interested in wri...
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David Middleton Edelen II  
Born in Dallas, Tex on 5/24/1955 but raised in mother's hometown of Prattville, Al.. In Army and Marines during early and mid 1970s. Worked around the country, off shore, etc.. Eventually settled down at home. In '93 hired on with the Alabama Dept of Corrections and got married and now am still happ...
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