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Daniel James Brown  
Daniel James Brown writes history-based narrative nonfiction. His first book in this genre, UNDER A FLAMING SKY, has been named a "Best Book of 2006" by the American Library Association's Booklist Magazine. Booklist called it "Riveting, moving, white-knuckle reading to rank with classi...
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Lehel Vandor  
Lehel Vandor (1971-) was born in Transylvania, and grew up, as a member of the Hungarian ethnic minority there, during Nicolae Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. His school, and later high school, studies have been completed during the communist dictatorship. The 1989 revolution in Romania and the 19...
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Ann Kimbrough  
Ann L. Wead Kimbrough is a communications and international business professor and veteran, award-winning writer for mainstream media. Ann is a ghost-writer and editor, has written book length manuscripts (no byline) for organizations, writes for an online media source, and is completing her disse...
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Nazry Bahrawi  
Greetings and salutations, I am a published magazine features writer/editor, non-fiction author and newspaper social commentator. My first book project is a coffee-table book pertaining to the Muslim's perceived mandatory head-dress, aptly entitled "Tudung: Beyond Face Value". My second book p...
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Jamie Bisher  
As a child Jamie Bisher cultivated penpals in Russia and other forbidden places, finagled visits to the Soviet Embassy in Washington and saved his meager earnings from after-school jobs to make a pilgrimage to the May Day parade in East Berlin. His rich job experiences--7/11 clerk on the 11-7 "robbe...
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Andy Pitt  
Andy J J Pitt: Marine & Travel Writer. Professional Freelance Writer: Marine & Travel, 40 years experience based Scotland & Thailand. Available for Technical Marine Work, features on Commercial Ships, Cruise Ships, Work Boats, Super-yachts, Marine Projects, Historic Ships, Joinery & Wood Products...
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Adelle Bradford  
Life-time writer, in love with words. Poetry published in a university magazine, a couple of children's stories published in children's magazines, plus articles for Humane Society Magazines, in-house articles for business management training, and factual information pamphlets for veterinarians. Some...
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Devon Mihesuah  
Devon Abbott Mihesuah is member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and is a historian by training. She received her Ph.D. in American History from TCU in 1989, and was professor of American Indian History in NAU's history department for ten years. She is now professor of Applied Indigenous Studies, s...
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Sabas Whittaker  
Who is Sabas Whittaker? He is a former merchant marine turned author, composer, recording artist, producer, lyricist, poet, painter, and bilingual stage and screen playwright. He is also an independent researcher and lecturer... a 20-year veteran mental health worker, formerly with the State ...
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