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Lanny Boutin  
Lanny Boutin is a freelance writer with more than 150 articles to her name. She specializes in health and parenting articles for magazines like Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Homemakers, Treehouse Canadian Family, Mocha Sofa, Your Health and Canadian Geographic. She wrote a monthly Edmonton history co...
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Iris Orpi  
My name is Iris Orpi and I reside in the Philippines. I have always had two passions, writing and mathematics. I took up Bachelorís and Masterís Degrees in Mathematics and worked as member of the faculty at the University of the Philippines for five years. A few years ago, I resigned my teaching ...
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Amanda Howard  
Amanda Howard is a true crime author, fiction writer and serial killer expert. Her writing experience is based on an ongoing degree in criminology and psychology, as well as writing eight books on a wide range of true crime cases. She has also interviewed some of the world's most heinous seria...
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Kim MacQuarrie  
Kim MacQuarrie is a writer, a four-time Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, and an anthropologist. He is the author of four books on Peru and lived in that country for five years. During that time, MacQuarrie lived with a recently-contacted tribe of indigenous Amazonians, called the Yora. It...
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Melody Schubert  
Creative Chameleon for Hire. In need of a writer to express the heart of your travel destination, attraction or business? Hire a Creative Chameleon, who adapts to their environment. A keen sense of artistic insight allows me to look beyond what lies on the surface to find the heart of each st...
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Fyn Day  
Fyn Day was born in the fifties and started to write in the sixties Ė not very well at first, just his name and always with the last letter in backwards upper case. However, he improved, and throughout the seventies and eighties wrote mostly exam papers, well enough to attend Bristol University and ...
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Eddie Wren  
Eddie Wren was born in Cumbria, in the heart of the Lake District (William Wordsworth country, in the north west of England). Strong interests in wildlife, mountaineering, and local history gave him a good insight into the area and this was dramatically enhanced by his many years service as a police...
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Lehel Vandor  
Lehel Vandor (1971-) was born in Transylvania, and grew up, as a member of the Hungarian ethnic minority there, during Nicolae Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. His school, and later high school, studies have been completed during the communist dictatorship. The 1989 revolution in Romania and ...
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Barbara O'Sullivan  
I have written a book entitled "The King's Quinto" The book is a history of the Elizabethans who lived in England in the sixteenth century and is entitled "The Life and Times of Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618)." The book took me 7 years to research and write and Walter Sparrow the actor, who was a p...
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