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Ira C Robinson  
The author holds a Ph.D., with extensive experience in pharmaceutical research, management, manufacturing, wholesaling, managed care and retail/community pharmacy practice, including mail service pharmacy; as former professor and dean of colleges of pharmacy at both Florida A&M (Tallahassee) and How...
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Craig Paterson  
Contemporary philosopher with a special interest in bioethics. Educated at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland; University of Edinburgh, Scotland; University of York, England; Saint Louis University, USA. He has previously held teaching appointments at Saint Louis University, USA and Provi...
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Kay Day  
I'm the author of 4 books, including A Poetry Break (2004) and Killing Earl (2005).My publisher is a small fairly new Florida press that does books the traditional way (no subsidy or co-op) and treats his authors very well. My poetry book won a state award and placed in national competition. I writ...
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Lynda Finn  
After a career in journalism which included a regular column in a glossy magazine and book reviews, I wrote "Largely Happy" a self-esteem and health book for bigger people, published in 2000 by David Bateman Ltd. In 2004, Random House published 'Healthy Kids, Happy Kids" for parents worried abou...
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Tony Crisp  
Started writing at 18. At first this was articles for small magazines. Because of my interest in physical and mental health I wrote many features for popoluar psychology magazines and yoga and health. My first book was Yoga and Relaxation for Collins, later published by Sphere in paperback Since th...
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Daniele Luciano Moskal  
Born in Italy,Daniele Luciano Moskal is an Evangelist/Pastor, Bible Teacher, Children's TV Presenter, Songwriter and Author who has been appointed and anointed to publish the mind of God through unique inspirational writing. He has gained a B.A in Religious Studies and Writing & Publishing a...
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Laurence Kiely  
My book '777v666 before' [www.TR777.com} tells many people what a few do not want them to know. It is a true horror story based on complete and utter betrayal of one man who was kicked when he was already down. He knew he had to get up and fight back. the trouble was he only had half a brain t...
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Ramona Grigg  
I live in Michigan's north woods, where I have plenty of time to consider the world and where I fit into it. I'm now 72 years old and back to writing for publication after a dry period of about 15 years. (I never stopped writing, I just stopped trying to publish) During my Prime Time I wrote two...
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Rana Sinha  
Rana Sinha is a writer on cross-cultural and presentation issues. He was born in India, studied and lived in many places and travelled in over 80 countries, acquiring cross- cultural knowledge and building an extensive network of professionals. He has spent many years developing and deliv...
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