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Wanda Burch  
I was born in Alabama and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. I received a Masterís degree in museum administration in the Cooperstown Graduate Program and pursued a career in historic preservation which led me and my family to upstate New York. My book, SHE WHO DREAMS, published by New World Librar...
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Ann Brady  
I am married, semi-retired and currently live in Yorkshire. During my business career I have written many factual pieces covering all types of subjects which were published on various web sites, in advertorials, editorials and Educational booklets for A-level students. My hobbies include p...
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Nikki Ashley  
I'm a sky-high pair of platforms in a closet full of flats. I like to tell people that I'm widowed so that they think no man would ever leave me unless he had to, but that's a lie. My bio always ends up sounding like such a personal ad. I'll make my best attempt to avoid that... I'm one of those ...
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Diana Artene  
After I graduated from the Medical University, I dived into nutrition like a fish in the water. I was and still am a gourmand, passionate about the art of balancing eating what you want and when you want it with being slim fit. But every nutrition class I took to expand my knowledge about weight...
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Ira C Robinson  
The author holds a Ph.D., with extensive experience in pharmaceutical research, management, manufacturing, wholesaling, managed care and retail/community pharmacy practice, including mail service pharmacy; as former professor and dean of colleges of pharmacy at both Florida A&M (Tallahassee) and How...
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Kay Day  
I'm the author of 4 books, including A Poetry Break (2004) and Killing Earl (2005).My publisher is a small fairly new Florida press that does books the traditional way (no subsidy or co-op) and treats his authors very well. My poetry book won a state award and placed in national competition. I writ...
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Lynda Finn  
After a career in journalism which included a regular column in a glossy magazine and book reviews, I wrote "Largely Happy" a self-esteem and health book for bigger people, published in 2000 by David Bateman Ltd. In 2004, Random House published 'Healthy Kids, Happy Kids" for parents worried abou...
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Tony Crisp  
Started writing at 18. At first this was articles for small magazines. Because of my interest in physical and mental health I wrote many features for popoluar psychology magazines and yoga and health. My first book was Yoga and Relaxation for Collins, later published by Sphere in paperback Since th...
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Daniele Luciano Moskal  
Born in Italy,Daniele Luciano Moskal is an Evangelist/Pastor, Bible Teacher, Children's TV Presenter, Songwriter and Author who has been appointed and anointed to publish the mind of God through unique inspirational writing. He has gained a B.A in Religious Studies and Writing & Publishing a...
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