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Kathern Welsh  
A published author, experienced editor, multi-faceted artist and graphic designer. PUBLISHED WORK: The DARK SIDE of SURGERY: non-fiction book: VirtualBookWorm.com Publishing, 2003 http://www.virtualbookworm.com/thedarksideofsurgery.html Recipe to Raise RESPONSIBLE TEENS By Age 5: book; 88: Boo...
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Vermén Verallo-Rowell  
About Vermén M. Verallo-Rowell, MD Author of Rx: Coconuts! (The Perfect Health Nut) Dr. Verallo-Rowell’s writing successes began in the 1960s, as a dermatology resident at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. One of Dr. Verallo-Rowell’s very first articles was on the analysis of hair in hair loss. It ...
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TERRY RAY HILLER has over twenty years writing experience in both the commercial and not-for-profit arenas, where he’s served in administrative capacities ranging from department head and buyer to executive director and board member. His responsibilities have ranged from staff selection and training...
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Len McDougall  
Biography of Len McDougall, Outdoor Writer Len McDougall is a professional outdoorsman with more than 30 years’ experience in the north woods. A full-time outdoor writer and author of the books, Practical Outdoor Survival, Made for the Outdoors, The Complete Tracker, The Outdoor...
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Seamus Phan  
SEAMUS PHAN, PhD Seamus, based in Singapore, is a thought leader on the Internet, digital media, e- learning, knowledge management, business process re-engineering, marketing, and holistic health. He is a frequent keynote speaker, motivational speaker, workshop and meeting facilitator, commi...
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Andreas Michaelides  
My name is Andreas. Some of my hobbies include hiking, playing basketball, running, cycling, camping (especially near the sea), reading, cooking (especially tasty vegan recipes), dancing, wood sculpting, playing chess (especially with Lori, my fiancée, who always kicks my butt), and going out ...
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Barbara Harris Whitfield  
Barbara Harris Whitfield, RT Barbara Harris Whitfield is the author of many published articles and four books, Full Circle: The Near-Death Experience and Beyond (Pocket Books, Simon and Schuster, 1990), Spiritual Awakenings: Insights of the Near-Death Experience and Other Doorways to Our Soul (He...
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Brenda  Mohammed  
Brenda Mohammed is a Trinidad and Tobago-based multi -genre writer and former Bank Manager who has written sixteen books to date. She loves to travel and is a fan of photography and art. She likes to interact with her readers and other authors. Brenda is on Facebook, Twitter, and other social m...
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Alli Joseph  
Alli Joseph Biography Alli Joseph has been telling stories since she invented Hooper, the narcoleptic diaper truck-driving dog who saved lives and was a prize-winning baker, when she was five. Today, Alli is a TV host, a producer of television shows and documentary films, an author, a...
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