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Amanda Baker  
Hi to all who reads this, I have been writing for a long time. I have gotten rejected plenty of times but I kept trying. Finally, I accomplished my dream of publication December 2002, with a romance novel named "Cameo Dreams.” This novel was published by RJs-ebooks. That was not the ...
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Dorian Cowan  
From an early age, Dorian has written for the love of it. She started writing short stories and poems while in elementary school. By her last year in middle school, she started writing full length novels. Ideas would fly to her and her computer keys would passionately capture everything. A natur...
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Rahel Gujjar  
Status of women in Islam and did not respect? What is the name of the woman at the beautiful relationships? Feminist woman has not forbidden by Islam?How are we going to be "Islam gave women the freedom that we do not the Western society should look kamtalah" God created woman, daughter, sister made...
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Meghan Brunner  
I doubt I will distinguish myself by saying that my story is as much a part of me as blood, or breath, or bone. After all, every writer is passionate about his or her work. Many, in their enthusiasm, will even claim to be the next Mercedes Lackey or Stephen King. I am not. They are extraordinaril...
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Ethan Nahté  
Ethan Nahté is primarily a speculative fiction author during his free time when he isn't busy writing and editing for the "Arkansas Out-of-Doors" newspaper as part of his job as Executive Director of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation. He currently has seven published short stories and one other that...
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Brenda  Griffin  
I'm the daughter of a politician and come from a large family. Continued in that mode by marrying and having five sons of my own. I learned at an early age, (8 years old) the overwhelming amount of work that came with having ten people in a three bedroom house. My jobs seemed never-ending,...
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Virgil Allen Wulff  
AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Virgil Allen Wulff was born and lived his early years in Kankakee, Illinois, just south of Chicago. He joined the United States Navy in 1951, and later graduated from the University of Missouri (1960). While in college, he ran a business known as Breezy Hill Nightclub. After ...
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Brenna Lyons  
Brenna Lyons lives in Haverhill, MA with her husband, three children, and a zoo of pets. She was born and raised in the Hazelwood/Glenwood area of Pittsburgh, PA and toured the eastern US for 13 years as a Navy wife, nine of them in VA Beach, where she wrote her first novel, PROPHECY. She is a ...
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Jeffery Massey  
Jeffery Massey, Sr. is a 49 year-old author who also writes under the pseudonym of “Poor Richard’s Son.” He is a native of Chicago, Illinois and a Viet Nam Era U.S. Air Force veteran. Massey, a graduate of Dayton, Ohio’s Wright State University with a 2000 bachelor of arts degree in English-profes...
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