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Richard Haesche  
I have written and published six young adult novels in the past by other publishers ( Xlibris, 3rd Millennium ) and then I decided to become my own publisher. I re-wrote those six novels with different covers, names, etc and then went on to write six more. Three of the newest are a Young Detective ...
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Alma Hromic  
I was born with ink in my veins, in a town on the banks of an ancient river, in a country which no longer exists. I lived in three different homes before I was ten years old, and then left the country of my birth, never to live there again. In the years that followed I attended six or seven diff...
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George Sirois  
George H. Sirois has written science-fiction, comedy, action, drama, and editorials. His first novel, “From Parts Unknown,” has been reviewed as, “one of the better underground wrestling books out there (Josh Nason – The Fight Club).” While he has created a variety of fictional work, Sirois’ pas...
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Ming Wei  
Award winning author Ming-Wei became a published author with Austin MaCauley Publishers in Canary Wharf, London for the first time in November 2014, winning his first ever book award in May 2015 for his 1st ever published book “The Whale Kingdom Quest” upon the website www.thebookawards.com (se...
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Andrew Lenahan  
I was born in a hospital in America during the turbulent 1980s. Despite being rather unsightly when first pulled out, and being covered with various unpleasant fluids, I was given a good towelling-off, and thereafter I was cute. I don't remember any of that personally, of course, but I figure a bi...
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Brownie Haney  
Writer profile: 1996 Profile: Brownie H. was born in Germany in 1974, with a farther in the US Army. Brownie of mixed heritage(Chippewa, Sioux, Irish, Red Fox{African Tribe}). Brownie won a New poets $1,000 scholarship prize for his poem (Elders Song) that was published in the New Poetry journal ...
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Robert Krukowski  
I was born in the Chicago area in 1946 to a protestant republican mother and a Catholic democrat father. These differences led to a divorce when I was only three-years-old. My father eventually died when I eight-years-old. When I was thirteen, my mother remarried and converted to Judiasm. To say my ...
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Harry Highstreet  
I was very close to my mother the morning I was born. I didn’t get to meet the rest of the family until later that day. The mid-wife who delivered me (in a bedroom which later became our kitchen), told us I was a fine, bouncing baby boy (even though my stomach was upset with all that bouncing). I wa...
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Sude Khanian  
Sudè Khanian is an Iranian painter, writer, movie maker, and businesswoman (Currently partner in Global Support). She was born on June 15th 1978 in Tehran, Iran and was encouraged to pursue business at the age of 18/19 by her father who is one of Iran's most recognized business figures and who is a...
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