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Donovan R. Walling  
Donovan R. Walling is a writer, editor, and editorial consultant. He has been a senior consultant for the Center on Civic Education since 2007. He also is on the editorial board of the scholarly Journal of LGBT Adolescence. Walling was director of publications for Phi Delta Kappa Internationa...
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Rudolf Okonkwo  
Rudolf Okonkwo is a syndicated columnist. He writes about Nigerian politics and other weird happenings. Okonkwo is from Nnobi in Anambra State. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State. He began his career as a Reporter for Classique Magazine un...
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Jack Scott  
Jack Scott was born on a British army base in Canterbury, England in 1960 and spent part of his childhood in Malaysia as a ‘forces brat.' A fondness for men in uniforms quickly developed. At the age of eighteen and determined to dodge further education, Jack became a shop boy on Chelsea’s ...
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Lionel Hartley  
Born in New Zealand of English parentage, Lionel David Charles Hartley worked as a office and theatre manager and commercial artist for many years and gained qualifications in Business Administration, Business Law, Electronics, Economics and Accountancy and an honorary diploma in Dramatic Art while ...
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Taylor Pero  
TAYLOR PERO 9104 W. 73rd St., #105 Overland Park, KS 66204 913-403-082 Email: Taypero2@yahoo.com OBJECTIVE Published author/Entertainment consultant looking for position as an instructor/teacher/consultant for those wishing to gain entry into the entertainment industry. SUMMARY 30...
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Anna Costello  
I\'m writing a Self-Help book for losers, for zebras like me, people who don\'t run with the pack of horses. For whatever reasons. We zebras are as varied as those horses we resemble close enough to fool everyone, even ourselves, into thinking if we just do like THEY do, we\'ll be as fine as they ar...
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Rahel Gujjar  
Status of women in Islam and did not respect? What is the name of the woman at the beautiful relationships? Feminist woman has not forbidden by Islam?How are we going to be "Islam gave women the freedom that we do not the Western society should look kamtalah" God created woman, daughter, sister made...
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Ben Tousey  
According to the Oracle of the Bacon, Ben Tousey is 4 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. Ben's book, "Acting Your Dreams" was reviewed by psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Vath, who also counseled Debby Boone. Debby Boone was in 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders with Brandy Norwood--who was in the 39th Annu...
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Mary King  
I had my first "great pearls" published at 16, and my first photograph published at 17, and I haven't looked back since. I've now been a journalist (writer, editor and photographer) for 30 years and have had the pleasure of combining my love for words and images with my passion for world travel. I h...
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