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Philip Skerry  
I am a retired English professor, who has written and published many articles for scholarly and critical journals and anthologies. In October 2005 my book on the shower scene in Psycho was published by the Edwin Mellen Press. A revised paperback version will be published by Continuum in Jan. '09 (P...
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Jane Briggeman  
My first Book, "BURLESQUE: Legendary Stars of the Stage," is to be released by Collectors Press in September 2004. I am already working on the second book in what may become a series. Reviewers, who have seen pre-release copies of the book, say "It's a beautiful book." The book contains stories and ...
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Subhash Bhore  
Subhash studied Botany at University of Pune (Pune, India) & Genetics at UKM, Malaysia. In 2009, he was nominated for the AASIO Young Scientist Award. Currently,he is serving as Associate Professor (of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) at AIMST University, Malaysia. He has published more th...
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Stephanie Palmer  
Stephanie Palmer coaches business leaders and creative professionals in a wide range of industries to help them get their ideas the attention and financing they deserve. As part of MGM’s executive team for six years, she supervised twenty films with multimillion dollar budgets, including the...
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Becky Norman  
Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a B.A. in Honors English (Writing Minor), Becky Norman has moved to Canada and graduated from Conestoga College\'s Human Resources Program with Honours. For the past six years, she has been a Human Resources Advisor and is curre...
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Anthony Levensalor  
I live in New Hampshire, though I can't figure out why. Most likely because I was raised here, and I just can't seem to stay away. You would think the harsh winters and vicious heating bills would keep any hometown love at bay, but what can I say? I love it, no matter how bad it sucks most of the ...
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Denise I. Griggs  
I am a licensed minister; was the founder of the African American Genealogy Society of Sacramento, CA from its inception in 1999 (AAGSSC) to 2005. I enjoy both activities very much. My published books are: 1. A Mulatto Slave, the Events in the Life of Peter Hunt, 1844-1915 2. Return to the T...
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Sheila Cornelius  
I am an ex-English teacher turned editor at present working in Northeast China for a publisher of English Language-related materials. I have published a book on Chinese films (Wallflower Press 2002) and couple of articles, in the China Review (London) and Beijing Review (Beijing) I am collecting...
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Amy Friedman  
I've been a syndicated children's writer since 1991 (Universal Press Syndicate, Tell Me A Story), and a newspaper columnist since the mid-80s. I currently write a monthly column for The Mad As Hell Club, a new online magazine (www.madashellclub.net), and I am producing a series of audiobook CDs of m...
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