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Erynn Laurie  
Erynn blogs on spirituality, social issues, women veterans and feminist issues, and living life near Puget Sound. Raised in New England, she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1981 during her Navy enlistment. She occasionally speaks and teaches on Celtic spirituality at festivals and conference...
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Wendy Ghannam  
Born and raised in Southern Tier New York State. WEB of BETRAYAL is my first writing effort to seriously enlighten all of American what is truly going on inside the U.S. Civilian Service when someone becomes injured on his/her job. I also speak around the country about what I experienced in WEB ...
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Elisha GrantPunska  
25 years old Mother of 1 Born in Lowell, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts native Presently living in Manchester, New Hampshire Day Job: Medical Coder Other Jobs: Freelance Writer, Freelance Photographer "Those who live without passion, live without breath." - Haven O'Connell
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Jim Akers  
A retired professional photographer and a decorated Vietnam veteran. Author of three books so far: "One Soldier's Story", "Deceitful Attraction", and "Soldier's Story". All these books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu Enterprises and most book stores worldwide.....
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Kathleen Phalen  
Master of Arts, Journalism and Public Affairs American University Book, Integrative Medicine Book, Wellness East and West Write for Washington Post, Los Angeles Times News Syndicate, USA Weekend Magazine, American Medical News, 64 Magazine, Gadfly Magazine, The Bark and more.
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Maria Pascucci  
Im not a closet writer I was born to reach others through my words. Please visit my website at www.creativetypeco.com I hope that by the time you leave my site, youll cast fear aside and ask yourself: What could it hurt to believe in the beauty of a dream?
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Raj Arumugam  
After many years of teaching and writing, I've combined my two interests and run my own self-publishing business. My books and courses focus on two areas I consider essential and missing in the education we offer ourselves: positive thinking and a sense of oneness.
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Patricia Pettijohn  
I am a published writer of nonfiction, a professional librarian, and a lesbian feminist hoping to publish fiction. I am interested in a smaller scale electronic writers group of like-minded folks. While I have never been in the closet, my fiction has.
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Abe Louise Young  
Abe Louise Young is an American poet and journalist living in Austin, TX. Her poems have been published in numerous journals and anthologies including New Letters, The Massachusetts Review, and Bloom. Visit www.abelouiseyoung.com to read more.
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