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James Brown  
I grew up in rural America...farm areas of South Carolina. I am the youngest from a large family. I wanted to escape the confines of the country life and pursue a career as a U.S Air Force Pilot. I enjoyed writing in High School but knew that this profession would probably not support me as a second...
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David Domine  
David Dominé lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he teaches foreign languages and translation at Bellarmine University. In addition to an MFA in Writing from Spalding University, he has an MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Louisville and an MA in German Literature from the University...
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Kimberly Gibson  
I currently reside in Milwaukee, WI. I have two books published, "Deadly Soul Mate" & "Rockford Family Secrets..." I have developed a character who has begun to tell the 'secrets" of the influential people she's met in her life. None of which want these "secrets" told. THE SECRETS SERIES HAS B...
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Michaelson Williams  
Michaelson Williams, an entrepreneur, author, and critical thinker, applies a unique philosophy and psychology when thinking about success. Having been the CEO of multiple companies, involved in martial arts since the age of 4 ½ years old, a health and fitness consultant, and an avid student of yea...
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Joel Savage  
Joel Savage is a freelance writer, who enjoys the challenges of creativity and adventure. Growing up in an environment he sees the experiences of hard living and suffering, deepens his understanding and knowledge to start writing. His work is considered to be pure genre of creative nonfictio...
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Nelson Choto  
Tomé el pequeño libro del estante. Leí. Era un haikú en español. Un instante capturado con la erudición de Octavio Paz: Niño y trompo. Aquel encuentro transformó mi vida. Descubrí luego un océano de páginas tan amplio como el Mar del Sur aparecido a Núñez de Balboa. Caminé sobre las páginas y despué...
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Kevin Brown  
Biographer and essayist Kevin Brown has authored or contributed to 4 books, and written dozens of articles and reviews on art, cinema, dance, literature, music and politics for publications such asThe Nation, Threepenny Review, (London) Times Literary Supplement, Washington Post Bookworld and others...
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John B Wong  
Dr. John B. Wong is a vascular surgeon with a deep interest in theology, ethics, and philosophy. He is an author, a university professor, and seminary lecturer. In addition to his MD, JD, ThD, he earned his Ph.D. in Theology and Ethics. Affiliated with many professional organizations, Professor Wong...
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Leslie Lucas  
Clemson University 1960 Rome Auto Auction, Inc, 1960- 2001 I have writen a small biographical work titled "Threads Of Colours" that was published by 1stBooks. It is the story of a young boy growing up in the southern part of the United States in the 40's and 50's of this twentieth century. It...
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