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Bing Den  
Ahenadental.fr est un professionnel très expérimenté dans la domaine du fourniture dentaire, qui s’engage à fournir le matériel dentaire de haute qualité de grands marques, comme NSK, JINME, TOSI, COXO etc. L’équipe Athenadental.fr s’efforce tous les jours de dénicher de nouvelles marq...
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Net-Hetep Ta'Nesert  
I have written, arranged and produced my first spoken word/poetry cd entitled, "Sex and Race" which is dedicated to the Jamaican Historian J.A. Rogers who dedicated fifty years of his life to intensively studying and publishing historical data that deals with inter-racial mixing (he was the product ...
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Raleigh Chiwuta  
I am a natural philosopher I would argue. The urge to write intrinsic and spurred on by trying and invasive emotions. Free spirited and open minded, I have been intrigued by the fundamental existential questions since as far as I can remember. My book is an answer to that, titled The Dichotic...
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Ken Ammi  
Ken Ammi is a long time researcher and lecturer on issues pertaining to worldview philosophies and various sorts of religions. In this capacity, he has posted thousands of articles on his website, has been published in an apologetics journal and has been interviewed for radio and podcast programs. ...
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Keith Robar  
Born in 1921 and grew up in southern California during the depression of the 1930's. Served as a B-29 pilot in WW II and as an Academic officer at Lackland AFB in the Korean War. served as a police officer for Port Angeles and as a Deputy Sheriff for Clallam County. Retired from the Seattle Schoo...
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Andy Koopmans  
I am a professional writer and editor with over a dozen non-fiction titles in publication. I am also a fiction writer with publications in numerous journals including Fiction International, Central Park, The Southern Anthology, Collage & Bricolage, The Journal of Experimental Fiction, Conception...
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Michael Spisak  
Michael "hawk" Spisak is a 51 year old mix blood, Norse/First Nations/Hun, who has been on his own since he was 13. Living his life traveling the world he has seen and done what most never will. After 48 States, almost every Indian Reservation and 13 countries he settled down in Tennessee wi...
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Jenny Kinscy  
I am currently looking for a full time or freelance position in web content development, editorial production and management, or similar positions, focusing on content that is intellectually stimulating. I have specific experience in religion & spirituality, music writing, reviews of entertainmen...
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N/a Zhana  
Zhana is an African American woman living in London. She have had several short stories published. She has just produced a major title, Black Success Stories Volume 1. For more info, visit: http://www.blacksuccess1.com/blacksuccessstories.htm You can read articles and poetry by Zhana on: htt...
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