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Kristina Stancil  
Kristina Stancil has a BA in Social and Criminal Justice and an MH in English. I am located in Houma, LA about 45 minutes from New Orleans, LA. Kristin has been published extensively and the awards I've won have been listed below. AWARDS: 2001...
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Jack Eadon  
Jack Eadon began by writing a book in fifth grade, then a short story in seventh, then he began a decade in rock music with the band Khazad Doom(see khazad.com), writing most of the songs with a poetic sense and encompassing a moralistic drama, something he incorporates in his writing...
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Scott  Cherney  
Born and bred like a fatted calf in Stockton, California, Scott Cherney has worn a lot of hats in his life and times, among them, a cowboy hat as a weekend stunt performer at a western amusement park where he honed his craft as an actor, writer and director. His plays, which have been produ...
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Suzanne Blanchard  
A former editor and columnist for phillyBurbs.com, Suzanne has been working on the Web since 1993, developing the first sites for several commercial and non-profit organizations and consulting on government and non-profit Web presences. Over the past ten years, she has driven the development of ...
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Kathy Cano Murillo  
Kathy Cano Murillo is The Crafty Chica! She is the author of five art/creativity books, writes a syndicated craft column for Gannett News Service and her website, CraftyChica.com, recieves more than 900,000 hits a month. Her mission is to inspire, motivate and empower folks to get their ...
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Rob Durham  
As a veteran stand-up comedian, Rob learned that his jokes were funny, but not all that profitable. This really hit home when he realized that he could make so much more money being an English teacher. His writing skills were put to the test when the inner-city school that he taught at lacked impo...
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Cassy Stone  
I have been an avid reader and writer since I first learned to read and write. Growing up as an only child, I wrote stories to escape my "dull" life. My stories were my siblings. I am currently attending college, pursuing a general studies associates degree, with a journalism slant. I am due to ...
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David Michael Wharton  
David Michael Wharton is a freelance writer from Texas. He grew up in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and claims that his grandparents once did a walk-on in an episode of DALLAS. While this doesn't rank David very high as far as claims to fame go, it does make Six Degrees of Kevin Bac...
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Govind Dhar  
Over the past 13 years I have worked in Dubai and India as a writer for press and advertising. Recently I launched the Indian edition of the world-renowned luxury magazine, the Robb Report as executive editor for the India Today Group in May 2011 and ran it for 13 issues. Based in New Del...
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