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Sybil Shearin  
Memories I sit here alone listening to country music slow. My heart beats to the music and I move with the flow. My mind goes back to your sweet kisses soft and making love in the old barn loft. I can still smell your cologne as it lingers near. Our bodies entwined with sensual love so dea...
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Beverly Caruso  
My favorite joy as a writer is to train and encourage potential writers from various ethnic groups at home and abroad to write books, articles, curriculum and handbooks to their own people group and beyond. I'm married to Peter Caruso, the mother of three; grandmother of five - all actively servi...
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Tracey McBride  
STYLE WITH SOUL(tm)...ON ANY INCOME! When Americans look for frugal luxuries they turn to Tracey McBride. By way of her books, newsletters, and repeat appearances on television shows such as "The Carol Duvall Show", "Smart Solutions", "DIY Crafts", and NBC news (Los Angeles affiliate), Tra...
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Joy Mutter  
I was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands too many decades ago to mention. I went by the almost impossible to pronounce name of Joy Houiellebecq until my marriage in 1984. My profession was graphic designer for twenty years after gaining a Graphic Design Degree in Coventry. I then lived briefly in...
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Larry O. Dean  
Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. As a young man, he worked with Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Michael Moore, was widely published in the alternative press and also worked as a cartoonist. He attended the University of Michigan at Flint and Ann Arbor, during which time he won ...
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Marilynn Byerly  
Adventure in the Past, Present, and Future. Marilynn Byerly writes romantic adventure novels. Some are set in the present day with intense suspense or paranormal elements like reincarnation, others are set in the future where gender roles can be switched or aliens lark around the galaxy disguise...
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Lionel Hartley  
Born in New Zealand of English parentage, Lionel David Charles Hartley worked as a office and theatre manager and commercial artist for many years and gained qualifications in Business Administration, Business Law, Electronics, Economics and Accountancy and an honorary diploma in Dramatic Art while ...
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Luigi Cappel  
I grew up in Holland and New Zealand on a steady diet of science fiction. In the late 60ís New Zealand school children were presented with a study from the Education Department called ĎA Blueprint for Survivalí. Unfortunately I no longer have a copy, but it described the coming of a utopian, automat...
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Alma Hromic  
I was born with ink in my veins, in a town on the banks of an ancient river, in a country which no longer exists. I lived in three different homes before I was ten years old, and then left the country of my birth, never to live there again. In the years that followed I attended six or seven diff...
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