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Bethany Ebert  
Bethany Ebert was born in 1988 in Neenah, Wisconsin and raised in the comparably larger city of Eau Claire. She studied English at the University of Minnesota Duluth. In 2012, Ms. Ebert quit school to focus on her career. Her works published include Mattie's Ghost (2010, out-of-print), Deathsk...
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John Sheppard  
I was born in Lakewood, Ohio in 1963, and am the son of a cardiac care nurse and a failed paper salesman. While I was growing up, my family lived all over the Midwest before moving to Florida in the mid-1970s. I spent four years in the United States Army as a Graphic Artist until I was honorably dis...
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Biff Mitchell  
I’ve done a lot of things, but the thing that was most helpful in terms of my writing themes was the six years I worked as a bartender/bouncer in one of the roughest bars in the area. I met people at their best, at their worst, and at all those picky areas between. In terms of the mechanics of writi...
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Jeff T. Kane  
eff T. Kane is a 25 year old gayboy from NYC. He has actually been referred to as "the Ted Danson of wierd fiction" by film critic Armond White of the New York Press which is the poor man's Village Voice. His stories can be seen currently in: Gorillamag.com ThievesJargon.com (weekly story st...
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Edwin Santiago  
Edwin lives in Georgia and works full-time for a major software company in Atlanta. Edwin served his country as a U.S. Marine during the 70's. He is a fast-paced storyteller leaning toward realism. Writing is his passion and at age 45, Edwin is now working on his third book. You could read The...
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Melissa Sheldon  
Mother of two boys who live to torture each other if not kept busy, wife of totally hot husband and perpetual dreamer. I read three to four books a week, watch cartoons and write as much as possible. I do have a life long hobby with the paranormal. Love anything to do with vampires, Bigfoot, gremlin...
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Chelsea Rose-Achoya  
Chelsea-Rose Achoya is an author based in Sweden where she lives with her husband and boyfriend in a very happy menage a trois on an organic farm in Skåne. When she\\\'s not writing or making love, there\\\'s nothing she likes more than skydiving or scuba diving. She believes that life is to ...
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Savanna Lujan  
Since I was young I've known that, one day, I'm going to be a successful author. I'm still in the process of making it big, but I know that I'll get there one day. I've been published five times, by Writing Raw, Thrillers Killers n' Chillers, House of Horror, Death Head Grin, and Kerouac's Dog...
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Joan Phelps  
30 years in the insurance industry (areas include: government relations, public policy, special investigations unit (SIU), legislative affairs, media relations, public relations, communication). 5 years as speechwriter for Fortune 500 CEO. Co-owner of mid-size book publishing company with na...
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