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Paul Boakye  
Freelance writer, playwright, essayist, and editor, Paul Boakye has written for theatre, radio, film, the Internet, academia and magazines. Boakye's debut play "Jacob's Ladder" took the UK Student Playscript Award in 1986. In 1991, "Hair," portraying the cultural gap between a Jamaican single mo...
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I was Born in Rome Italy during the war. I came to America on Dec 9th 1954 I first saw Lady Liberty at that time. I began the chase for the American Dream at that time and through years of hard work and sacrifices i caught it. Once retired (five years ago) I decided to fullfill one last challen...
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Rajat Chaudhuri  
Rajat Chaudhuri is the author of two works of English fiction -- Hotel Calcutta and Amber Dusk. He has also written `Calculus' a book of stories in Bengali. He is the Charles Wallace Creative Writing Fellow (2014) at the University of Chichester, United Kingdom and a Korean Arts Council Fellow...
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Petronella Ndakasha  
My name is Petronella, I reside in Lusaka Zambia. I am a journalist by profession. I have practiced my profession mainly in the print media, I have written stories for both newspapers and magazines. Which is not easy because the print media in our country is not very well developed, we mainly have t...
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Eric D. Goodman  
Eric D. Goodman is an American writer of literary fiction, commercial fiction, childrens literature, and non-fiction. He has been writing since a grade-school story assignment turned him on to the craft more than a quarter century ago. Eric is the author of TRACKS, a novel in stories (Atticus Bo...
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Hal Klopper  
Ben Webster, Ella, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett. Harold and the Purple Crayon, Encyclopedia Brown, Huckleberry Finn, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Hobbit, The Pigman, A Separate Peace, To Build a Fire, The Raven, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Awakeni...
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Anna Glendenning  
I was born in the 60's and grew up with Equal Rights! I have a public school education--got married too young in my lates teens and had two children 14 months a part! Stayed married to their father for 14, domestically abusive, years then took a leap into the real world right after OJ Simpson was aq...
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Gordon McShean  
I grew up in Scotland, becoming involved in radical Scottish nationalist activities. My actions then - and at various other times throughout my life - were tempered by a chronic heart condition (I wrote my first book OPERATION NEW ZEALAND about this). I escaped potential arrest in the UK by taking w...
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Joseph Hager  
Hager, after serving in the U.S. Air Force, turned his efforts toward writing, receiving an education in written communicato from Florida State University. He has attended many continuing education seminars and writing workshops. He has written and published four novels: "Death Of A Nation: An Ame...
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