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J Haywood  
Researched and wrote the script for and produced a 58-minute documentary on the history of Blacks in the Olympics - from 1904 through 1984. Researched enormous libraries of stock footage and photographs. Writer for media and educational newsletters. Self-published MEDIA ON MY MIND (1977) and THE ...
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Khalid El Bey  
Khalid El Bey, now an author of four books, with a fifth underway clearly has a lot to offer. Stating his recent realization of his passion for empowering others, Khalid Bey says “who would imagine that empowering others and seeing others do well could be so satisfying”. Currently Khalid B...
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Julie Ruggiero  
Julie Ruggiero is an award-winning freelance writer with more than six years experience writing for print, web, and television and is currently a Writer/Editor for Westchester Parent magazine. Her column "MomBiz" is launching in March 2009. Julie's work has been published in such publications...
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Frank (Francesco) S. Adamo  
Many of Frank's friends and fellow Toastmasters know him as Francesco, the Godfather of Practical Reasoning. For years, actually for decades, he lacked confidence and had a terrible fear of speaking in public. As a result, he developed into a great listener. He consoled, mentored, and coached many ...
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Darrell  Berkheimer  
Berkheimer a former daily newspaper editor with nearly 30 years experience. He served as a reporter-writer, city editor, news editor, managing editor, columnist and editorials writer. He was managing editor at three dailies -- one in Georgia and two in Texas. He also worked for 13 years as a co...
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Ramona Grigg  
I live in Michigan's north woods, where I have plenty of time to consider the world and where I fit into it. I'm now 72 years old and back to writing for publication after a dry period of about 15 years. (I never stopped writing, I just stopped trying to publish) During my Prime Time I wrote two...
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Blondie Clayton  
Published my first book There In the Midst the Mysterious Exposed in1995 to the realization that there was more to publishing than getting a book printed. However, I didn\'t let that deter me. Instead I set out to find ways to make my mistake work, and it did. The knowledge I gained has privileg...
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Rana Sinha  
Rana Sinha is a writer on cross-cultural and presentation issues. He was born in India, studied and lived in many places and travelled in over 80 countries, acquiring cross- cultural knowledge and building an extensive network of professionals. He has spent many years developing and deliv...
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Nancy Robinson  
Nancy Robinson is a Connecticut-based writer, published internationally. Oxford University Press, The Next American City Magazine, Action Martial Arts Magazine, 3am Magazine, Woman This Month Magazine, and others have published her work. With extensive employment experience in Broadcasting, Inve...
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