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Sandra Johnson  
I'm an author -inventor & self-published my book "A Do It Yourself Inventors Roadmap." This how to book / self-help book is to navigate any inventor with any invention from concept to reality. I take others on the step by step roadmap that I followed when inventing, developing, manufacuturing, th...
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Bob Brolhorst  
I am Bob Brolhorst a family man first with a passion for Internet Marketing. I decided to become involved in Internet Marketing four years ago for four reasons. First because it fascinated me, second as a person that has been involved with offline marketing for over 16 years I knew that traditional ...
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Leslie Lucas  
Clemson University 1960 Rome Auto Auction, Inc, 1960- 2001 I have writen a small biographical work titled "Threads Of Colours" that was published by 1stBooks. It is the story of a young boy growing up in the southern part of the United States in the 40's and 50's of this twentieth century. It...
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Kristina Stancil  
Kristina Stancil has a BA in Social and Criminal Justice and an MH in English. I am located in Houma, LA about 45 minutes from New Orleans, LA. Kristin has been published extensively and the awards I've won have been listed below. AWARDS: 2001...
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Timothy Leonard  
Born in Colorado. Vietnam Veteran with Screaming Eagles. Graduated from University of Oregon. Presently enrolled in the University of The Street. Sitting down in China teaching English, writing, making images and "Middle Kingdom" podcasts. Freelance photojournalist and writer. Resort o...
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Anthony Buccino  
Anthony Buccino published thirteen books, including six full-length poetry collections. He published three collections of essays based on growing up in and around New Jersey. Buccino writes about life in New Jersey and about commuting at NJ.Com and other locations. The Nutley Sons and...
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Joseph Steadman  
Joseph G. Steadman an award winning Christian Poet works which some of include: "O' weep of Night", "I have seen Beyond", "The Ancient's Heart", "The Waters of Time", and "Requiem of a Trial." An ordained Minister, in service for over 36+ years, my heart's cry is the show the heart...
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Hans Hammig  
Ask for 'About the Author' via email. Born 1940 in Switzerland. Post doctorate degrees. Engineering, economics, commercial, managerial. Sportsman. Many languages. Married five times. Widower. Emigration to South Africa in 1985. Sailor and pilot. Books written: Political satire. About the auter limit...
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Martin Schell  
I seek an agent for either or both of the following: 1. A children's book (completed) of about 8,000 words. This is the story of a young girl's quest to find a magical bird. It is planned as the first of a series of three books. 2. A novel of about 106,000 words, now completed. It is abo...
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