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N/a Zhana  
Zhana is an African American woman living in London. She have had several short stories published. She has just produced a major title, Black Success Stories Volume 1. For more info, visit: http://www.blacksuccess1.com/blacksuccessstories.htm You can read articles and poetry by Zhana on: htt...
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Brenda Nixon  
Author of Parenting Power in the Early Years (WinePress Publishing) on raising a child 0 - 5 years; contributing author to 16 books; columnist with two publications; and a freelance writer who welcomes writing assignments. She also has a list of articles available for reprint purchase. See "Writer" ...
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Medy Beroy  
I dream of becoming a great writer someday. Have already tried publishing news and feature articles in our local newspaper before but lately I'm more into blogging for exposure and to enhance my writing skills. Currently, I'm writing a romance novel but I hope I could find an agent who could hel...
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Beverley Paine  
Author Beverley Paine lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Beverley is the self-pubished author of several books on homeschooling and learning techniques. 'The Chimaera Conspiracy' is her first novel. Beverley's interests in writing, homeschooling and permaculture are listed on her web site http://ch...
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Terra L. Fletcher  
Terra L. Fletcher is a freelance writer / marketing consultant and the owner of fletcherfreelance.com. Fletcher is a business writer specializing in website content. More than just good grammar, Fletcher improves your advertising return on investment. For all your writing and marketing needs visi...
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John Evan-Jones Psy.D Ph.D  
John Evan-Jones Psy.D Ph.D is a British Management Psychologist, best-selling Author & Management School Lecturer. Recently voted Europe´s leading personal development coach, he has written 20 best-sellers in Europe. He recently made Scandinavian history (week 44 - 2005),when he had 4 books in the T...
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Drew Zahn  
Drew Zahn is a homeschooling father of 8 and a former pastor who currently edits for Christianity Today, International. Drew's articles (as well has hundreds of edited and ghostwritten articles) have appeared in Leadership Journal. Drew has also edited 6 books and serves as assistante editor for Pre...
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Robin E Shirley  
I am an award winning journalist and freelance writer with more than 15 years experience in the industry, including newspapers/magazines and Web content. My resume, bio nearly 50 of my published clips as well as a variety of other professional information is available for review at my Web site.
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Elisha GrantPunska  
25 years old Mother of 1 Born in Lowell, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts native Presently living in Manchester, New Hampshire Day Job: Medical Coder Other Jobs: Freelance Writer, Freelance Photographer "Those who live without passion, live without breath." - Haven O'Connell
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