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Charles Whitfield  
Charles L. Whitfield MD is a pioneer in trauma recovery, including the way we remember childhood and other trauma and abuse. A physician and front line therapist who assists trauma survivors in their healing, he is the author of over fifty published articles and several best selling books on trauma ...
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Cynthia Faryon  
I didn't plan on being a writer. All my years of singing, acting, schooling, volunteer work and child raising, has well prepared me for the career I am loving more and more with each passing day. My first article appeared in Homemakers Magazine in 1999. This was an unexpected turn of events, as t...
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Melissa Soldani Lemon  
In 1976, I checked "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" out from the local library. I was eight years old -- it was the first book that I read that didn't have illustrations. That book, the story of a writer and storyteller, captured a truth -- sordid and beautiful -- that is the gold standard of writing. ...
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Skye Thomas  
Skye Thomas is the CEO of Tomorrow’s Edge, an Internet leader in inspiring leaps of faith. She became a writer in 1999 after twenty years of studying personal growth, motivation, soulmates, self-esteem, parenting, spirituality, metaphysics, family dynamics, dating, and astrology. Her books, articl...
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Sherlyn Powell  
I'm an Author/Speaker and Publisher. My latest book "A Gift Called Mother: The Stages and Fantasies of Motherhood is my memoir. I've also published two novels "Captured Hearts" and "Something Desirable". I majored in business and worked in Corporate America for but my creative imagination led ...
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Mara Gorman  
I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in nonfiction writing from Penn State University, which I received in 1997. Since then I have worked variously as an editor, project manager, assistant creative director at an online advertising agency, and freelance writer. Most recently, I received a 2005 Eme...
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J Haywood  
Researched and wrote the script for and produced a 58-minute documentary on the history of Blacks in the Olympics - from 1904 through 1984. Researched enormous libraries of stock footage and photographs. Writer for media and educational newsletters. Self-published MEDIA ON MY MIND (1977) and THE ...
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Tina Rae Collins  
Tina Rae Collins is a freelance writer and copyeditor. She is a graduate of Pikeville College, Pikeville, Kentucky. She has authored ten books: Down Mare Creek Road; Up Hurricane Road; My Little Children, I Write Unto You: A Handbook for Growing Up in the Lord; Tales from the Coop; The Soup...
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Samuel Japhets  
Samuel Japhets is the author of two Christian motivational and inspirational books: GodStrong – how to turn your pains into gains, and Chapters of Destiny – how the bible can help you understand, master and accomplish your life’s mission. He is also a worship and praise song/writer and singer ...
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