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Lionel Hartley  
Born in New Zealand of English parentage, Lionel David Charles Hartley worked as a office and theatre manager and commercial artist for many years and gained qualifications in Business Administration, Business Law, Electronics, Economics and Accountancy and an honorary diploma in Dramatic Art while ...
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Mark Scheel  
Mark Scheel was born and raised on a farm in rural, east-central Kansas. After graduating from the University of Kansas in 1967, and spending a period "on the road," he se...
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Alma Hromic  
I was born with ink in my veins, in a town on the banks of an ancient river, in a country which no longer exists. I lived in three different homes before I was ten years old, and then left the country of my birth, never to live there again. In the years that followed I attended six or seven diff...
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Suzanna Lonchar  
Suzanna Lonchar is a second generation Italian-American with a proud and dramatic family history which she retells in the exciting memoir, "A Brooklyn Rose." Suzanna was born in Detroit, Michigan, where her mother Rosie, the “Brooklyn Rose” of the story, moved during her high schoo...
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Linda Alexander  
Linda Alexander’s newest book, RELUCTANT WITNESS: ROBERT TAYLOR, HOLLYWOOD & COMMUNISM, is the bio of Hollywood’s Golden Era movie star, Robert Taylor, due out May 2008. Taylor starred in "Camille" with Greta Garbo, "Waterloo Bridge" with Vivien Leigh, and "Quo Vadis" with Deborah Kerr -- among many...
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Karyn Follis Cheatham  
Karyn Follis Cheatham has been a research analyst, math and history tutor, sports' magazine editor, political media coordinator, print model, university adviser for Native American recruitment, rodeo phtographer, and choir director. But she is first and always a writer. Pleased (and relieved) ...
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Brian Jones  
New York Times bestselling biographer Brian Jay Jones spent nearly two decades as a public policy analyst and speechwriter, before turning to biography full-time in 2007. He presently serves as president of Biographers International Organization. Brian’s most recent book, Jim Henson: The Bi...
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Charles Shirriff  
Charles (Bill) Shirriff was raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, during the depression years of the 30's. His interest in human nature and young people led him to a career in teaching and counselling where he encountered teenagers learning to live with problem situations. A chance encounter led to a f...
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Harry Highstreet  
I was very close to my mother the morning I was born. I didn’t get to meet the rest of the family until later that day. The mid-wife who delivered me (in a bedroom which later became our kitchen), told us I was a fine, bouncing baby boy (even though my stomach was upset with all that bouncing). I wa...
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