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Anthony Buccino  
Anthony Buccino published thirteen books, including six full-length poetry collections. He published three collections of essays based on growing up in and around New Jersey. Buccino writes about life in New Jersey and about commuting at NJ.Com and other locations. The Nutley Sons and...
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Paul William Roberts  
Born in Wales Educated Raynes Park School & Exeter College, Oxford (M.A.) Studied Sanskrit at the Hindu University Benares and Bangalore University (D.Phil); studied Hebrew and Aramaic in Jerusalem and UC Berkeley. Taught Renaissance literature and neo-Platonism at St Peter's College, Oxford. Te...
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Carlos Ballantyne  
Carlos K. Ballantyne describes himself as a knight errant. He was born in Ecuador, moved to the U.S. at an early age and graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Chemistry. After working as a computer networking consultant for many years, Carlos became a full- time professional photographer...
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Patricia Allen-Josey  
Patricia Allen-Josey literally "fell" into writing when she began writing and designing her web site. She is currently an honors student in college, where she pursues English major and Theology as her minor. Her most famous stories are about her quirky life in a ranching town outside of the Metropol...
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Cynthia Faryon  
I didn't plan on being a writer. All my years of singing, acting, schooling, volunteer work and child raising, has well prepared me for the career I am loving more and more with each passing day. My first article appeared in Homemakers Magazine in 1999. This was an unexpected turn of events, as t...
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Dan Farish  
Dan Farish was born in 1955 and raised in a working class Boston suburb, along with two sisters. His first book, 3 Steps To Recovery, won a 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Award. He was as surprised as anyone. Why? It’s because he doesn’t view himself as some hoity-toity, snooty, pretentious author. Da...
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Danny Nemu  
The apocalypse knocked on my door eleven years ago, bearing pamphlets colourfully depicting the fate awaiting those who would not witness Jehovah. Apocalypticism and apocalypticists have fascinated me ever since. I lived in Japan for six years, and now I live in Brazil, at an altitude which makes...
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Scott  Cherney  
Born and bred like a fatted calf in Stockton, California, Scott Cherney has worn a lot of hats in his life and times, among them, a cowboy hat as a weekend stunt performer at a western amusement park where he honed his craft as an actor, writer and director. His plays, which have been produ...
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Peter Hill  
I am 56 and I have had what I consider a wonderful life. As far as careers go I can safely say that I have dipped my toes in a lot of water and in some cases barely got my feet wet; some because the water was too muddy or too hot or cold. I did find the warmth and pleasant comfort of a relaxing soa...
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