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Sunny Nash  
Sunny Nash writes on Rosa Parks, Jim Crow laws and other issues in her book, Bigmama Didn�t Shop At Woolworth�s, chosen by the Association of American University Presses as essential for understanding race relations in the United States, listed in the Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies b...
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I was Born in Rome Italy during the war. I came to America on Dec 9th 1954 I first saw Lady Liberty at that time. I began the chase for the American Dream at that time and through years of hard work and sacrifices i caught it. Once retired (five years ago) I decided to fullfill one last challen...
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Cathe Jones  
Born in Boston, Cathe has a varied background, earning several degrees, and status as US Navy Veteran. As a stand up comic she has performed throughout the US and Canada in internationally recognized clubs, including the Improv and the Comedy Store. Cathe has also been a member of Second City, and ...
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Beth Homicz  
A closet writer for years, Beth Homicz graduated from Georgetown University in 1990 with a bachelor of science in language degree, and has lived a gadfly's life ever since, earning her living in jobs ranging from disc jockey to occult bookstore manager. In 1994, Beth qualified as a licensed profe...
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Sally Sutton  
After a 25 year career which I enjoyed andpaid the bills I have now started to persue my hearts desire. Even as a child my dream was to become a writer. After a long wait my time has come. No more children to raise, no more mortgage payments just sweet time, wisdom, knowledge and creativity. Aft...
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S Jorge Mena  
Jorge started his award-winning career in broadcast journalism at age 15 in a local Washington, D.C. Spanish-language station, the since defunct WFAN-FM. Over the last 20 years, he has traveled much of the world as a foreign correspondent and freelance broadcast journalist. During that time he...
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Eric D. Goodman  
Eric D. Goodman is an American writer of literary fiction, commercial fiction, childrens literature, and non-fiction. He has been writing since a grade-school story assignment turned him on to the craft more than a quarter century ago. Eric is the author of TRACKS, a novel in stories (Atticus Bo...
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Robert Gillis  
Robert Gillis grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts and is a graduate of Boston College High School and U/Mass Boston. Although he's been a professional computer programmer for nearly 20 years, his first love has always been writing, and he has written a regular opinion piece for the Foxboro Reporte...
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Gordon McShean  
I grew up in Scotland, becoming involved in radical Scottish nationalist activities. My actions then - and at various other times throughout my life - were tempered by a chronic heart condition (I wrote my first book OPERATION NEW ZEALAND about this). I escaped potential arrest in the UK by taking w...
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