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Stephen Richards  
My upbringing, by today’s standards, was painful! Being shifted about from pillar to post, as a child, (even living in a field for a time and then in a wooden hut) had its drawbacks. This constant drifting, which was no fault of my mother, was reflected in my lack of literacy and numeracy skills....
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T. Wignesan  
T.Wignesan Born in Kuala Krai, Malaysia. Up to his twenty-first year grew up in Singapore, Port Swettenham, Klang, Sungei Rengam, Kuala Lumpur, Madras and Seremban; then in London, Heidelberg, West Berlin, Madrid and Paris. Served as Research Fellow with the French Centre National de la Rec...
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Simon W. Golding  
Simon W. Golding started writing for national magazines; FHM, Cosmopolitan, Great Outdoors, Family Fun etc. and radio, including News Hudlines (Radio 2) and Week Ending (Radio 4). The publication of Manquito (Minerva Press) in 1995 launched Simon as a fictional novel writer, other publications follo...
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Roscoe Barnes III, Ph.D.  
ROSCOE BARNES III is an award-winning journalist, ghostwriter and a nationally known copywriter who specializes in direct response marketing for non-profit organizations. When he isn't busy writing copy for contributions, he writes direct mail packages and publicity copy for consumer and busin...
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Len McDougall  
Len McDougall is a professional outdoorsman with five decades of often hard experience that include being abandoned by search-and-rescue authorities as dead twice in the north woods. Len is an internationally recognized survival instructor/tracker, and author of numerous books, including The Ultima...
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Ameeta Agnihotri  
It all started with my mother-in-law. Serious. She was impressed with the letters I wrote to impress her!! I loved (and continue to love) her son, so tried to woo her into thinking I was ideal daughter-in-law material, which I was not. Anway, she thought I wrote very interestingly, and kept telling ...
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Stephen Richards  
The Golden Pen, Stephen Richards has had his books serialised in the national press and magazines. His TV credits include: Panorama,Trevor McDonald’s Tonight, and has appeared in numerous crime related, national and international, TV documentaries. Currently, the maverick investigat...
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Patricia Buckley  
Born in Dublin in the early 1960s, Patricia Buckley's childhood and adolescence are rife with overwhelming pain. The daughter of an alcoholic, violent father and a physically and morally exhausted mother, ever since Patricia can remember, she was beaten, used and abused by the men in her life. Ove...
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Aurealia Nelson  
OBJECTIVE To break into the literary field and conquer it with my passion and talent for the written word. To edit, copywright, and layout the best copy ever envisioned by man and to challenge men's thinking about the English language. To obtain a position as a Reporter/Copywrighter/Editor that w...
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