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Kathleen Phalen  
Master of Arts, Journalism and Public Affairs American University Book, Integrative Medicine Book, Wellness East and West Write for Washington Post, Los Angeles Times News Syndicate, USA Weekend Magazine, American Medical News, 64 Magazine, Gadfly Magazine, The Bark and more.
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Harley White  
Born in Beverly Hills, LA. I studied English Philology and Psychology at U.C.LA. I got married in Big Sur, CA, surrounded by a redwood cathedral, after a longish spat there, my husband and I moved over here to Granada, Spain, where we lead a wonderful life.
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Dawn Powell Dell  
actress: SAG-AFTRA, AEA writer, counselor, child care provider, minister to widows & pastors Tupperware Consultant - www.my2.tupperware.com/dawndell www.olivesbriefcase.com
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Geoffrey Fox  
Born in Chicago, worked for years in Latin America (Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru, with many shorter visits to other countries). Website: geoffreyfox.com
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Dave Preston  
See: www.whiteroseinc.com PWAC profile: http://www.writers.ca/action.lasso?-db=PWAC.fp5&-lay=WebDirectory&-format=record_detail.htm&-recid=47221&-find
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Terry Cantwell  
Irish/Australian book author & journalist. Primarily a non-fiction writer, although he has published several short fiction pieces and poetry works.
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Chris Lubinski  
I live in Speedway, IN. I own Chris' Comics & CPU, which you can find at www.webccnc.com . I love to write, but mostly for interactive media.
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JK Baldridge   
Jewelry Designer who wrote a design book, now interested in writing erotic romance under a pseudonym
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Naira R. Matevosyan  
A physician, jurist, musician, mother, who also writes books in various genres.
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