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Debi Metcalfe  
Who Is Debi Metcalfe? Over the past several years, Ms. Metcalfe has become a champion for the prevention of horse theft. She started on a one person crusade to right a wrong and to put her family back together in the wake of a shattering experience. In the process of solving a crime and comp...
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Wm Craig Roberson  
Bill Roberson is a native of Cleveland, Ohio but currently lives in the Detroit metro area. Three daughters in college force him to continue working (when he'd rather be on a beach). A former radio talk show host (at one time with three shows) he also served over ten years as the Associate Editor...
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Jennifer Reinoehl  
Jennifer Reinoehl is a jack-of-all-trades freelance author on Guru.com. Non-fiction and postmodern fiction are her favorite genres of freelance writing. She enjoys reading a variety of subjects and genres. In college, she did biomedical research on a variety of topics including the medicinal uses of...
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W.T. Pfefferle  
W.T. Pfefferle is the author of four books, most recently The Meager Life and Modest Times of Pop Thorndale, the 2006 NFSPS Stevens Poetry Manuscript Contest winner. It's available at Amazon as well as at: http://wtp62.com/thorndale.htm. Poets on Place, an interview anthology / travel memoir that...
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David Domine  
David Dominé lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he teaches foreign languages and translation at Bellarmine University. In addition to an MFA in Writing from Spalding University, he has an MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Louisville and an MA in German Literature from the University...
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Tom Streissguth  
I was born in Washington D. C. and grew up in the Midwest. I worked in New York in magazines for four years and as a juvenile book editor in Minneapolis for six. I have published about 40 books of non-fiction: biographies, history, geography books, and the like. In June, I am moving to an estat...
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Nina Osier  
"9-UH" was born with a sun tan in the village of Camden, Maine. Her first home was on Friendship Long Island, off the Maine coast. She started “writing” at the age of two, when her parents decided to write down her stories and read them back to her. A librarian in the central Maine town of Gardin...
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Leslie Lucas  
Clemson University 1960 Rome Auto Auction, Inc, 1960- 2001 I have writen a small biographical work titled "Threads Of Colours" that was published by 1stBooks. It is the story of a young boy growing up in the southern part of the United States in the 40's and 50's of this twentieth century. It...
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Travis French  
I am 36 and single with no children which in my neck of the woods means two things, I must be demented and I have got all the time in the world to do whatever I want to do. Although I do come from a relatively small corner of the world I have traveled, seen, and done more then most ever get to, fro...
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