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Robert Miskimon  
Native of Richmond, Virginia. Journalist and freelance writer for 25-plus years. "Uncovered: Bare Facts about Nude Recreation" published in 2007 (http://www.escapeartist.com/e_Books/Uncovered/Uncovered.html) First novel (A Wind Is Rising) published in 1977. Most recent novel (Skagit) published in 2...
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Soumya Maitra  
My writing interests include technical articles, screenplay writing, web content development, and books. I have more than 50 articles/papers to my credit published in several leading newspapers, magazines, journals in India and abroad. I have been writing Science/Technology articles for the leading ...
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Angela J. Williams  
'... I enjoy pulling out the ideas and themes that disturb people and twisting them around to make my readers react with their guts instead of their heads ...' A.J. Williams wrote these words three years ago when first joining this site. Back then she didn't know about editing, decorative adjecti...
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Sally Adams  
As a single mother of three I have a mission to open people's minds to the joys of single parenting. I lead workshops on managing time around your priorities, the healthy divorce and the multi-home family. My work is imbued with a sense of humor and fun and, of course, passion. My first book, "From ...
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Raven Grimassi  
Raven Grimassi is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning author of over ten books. He is the co-founder and co-director of the College of the Crossroads, which is a Mystery School devoted to preserving ancestral knowledge and wisdom. College Website address is http://www.collegeofthecrossr...
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James Collins  
I have written and self-published via lulu.com five books which, I am pleased to say, are selling. I enjoy writing comedy as well as mystery/treasure hunt novels and have also written for the stage, including music and lyrics for musiclas and revues, (UK). I am now a freelance writer and reviewe...
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International Bleu  
I am a published writer with the following writing credits: Author: (three articles purchased by Associated Content; http://www.associatedcontent.com/internationalbleu): 1) "THE GREATEST PUPPETEER: WILLIE LYNCH AND HIS LETTERS" 2) "WHY ARE THERE MORE PRISON IN ...
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Bonnie Lemke  
This is my story: abandoned at 25 months old; then, adopted 'n grew-up on a farm; and recently I reunited with birth family. Am the middle child of eleven living offsprings; six siblings died in their cribs. Reintroduced myself to my birth mom in December, 1994. I authored and self-published long...
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Freelance Writer & Journalist  
Writes freelance for print and digital media: magazines, newspapers, newsletters, ebooks, ezines, and web. Competent in writing for technology, travelling, lifestyle, education, trade, social issues, among others. Types of writings include copywriting, content marketing, features, hard news, ...
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