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Robyn Wiley  
I'm a 22 year old college student at the University of Southern Maine. A senior in philosophy and a writer on the side. I have published a handful of editorials in a few different newspapers and websites about politics and current events, and have worked as a staff writer on a student newspaper. ...
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CD Moulton  
Born Lakeland, FL, in 1938, lived in Florida until 1967, tho I travelled over much of the world at the time, staying only in Tegucigalpa and Catacamas, Honduras, for any length of time. Was in the early "Orchid Wars", but more as an observer. Moved to San Francisco in 1967 to work for a major orchid...
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J D Walters  
Grew up in the cold cold Northeast, but currently live in the Northwest. Have lived in multiple states: California, Nevada, Florida and out of my mind. Have completed one novel of a trilogy, not yet published. I read between 200 and 300 books a year, primarily contemporary fiction. James Miche...
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Karen Mitchell Tremmel  
Karen Tremmel was born and raised in the Tennessee Valley at the foot of Lookout Mountain, surrounded by dramatic scenes of nature and wildlife, juxtaposed with steel mills, dams, farming and fragments of the Civil War. Karen relocated to Canada where she spent her time back to nature exploring the ...
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Jim Harris  
I grew up in West Texas, and I live there now -- but spent about twenty years in between, roaming the planet. Although I'm a zoologist/wildlife biologist by education, I've managed to make a living as a soldier, sailor, professional hunter, horse trainer, diver, prospector, rodeo cowboy, trapper... ...
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Francis Jozwik  
Francis Jozwik received a Ph.D. in Plant Science and began his career lecturing in plant physiology with the University of Wisconsin System. He was later appointed Arid Lands Research Scientist with The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia. In addition to his sci...
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Andy Beck  
Born in London 1954, married with 3 children in their 20s. Andy has worked with horses and as a semi-pro musician for over 25 years and is a qualified tertiary lecturer. In 1993 he established the White Horse Equine Ethology Project to study equine social behavior. His first book, inspired by the pr...
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David Petersen  
It's always more interesting to learn about people in person (or e-person these days). If you want the "bullet" however, I am originally from Canada, and have been traveling and living abroad for nearly 20 years now. Along the way I have walked the tunnels under the Korean DMZ, done archaeology in S...
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Pamela Fehl  
NYC-based writer and editor with 20+ years' experience in print and Web. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies to trade publishers, small business owners, and independent artists. Enjoy researching stories and interviewing people. Have written articles for MasterCard's Pr...
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