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PuMa Tse  
The once and former professor, academic dean, and elusive Zen master with an impossibly long vita, now.... Pu (the naturally shaped wood, the ideogram shown) Ma (that is profound) Tse (son or master) if you must have a name. This is a void, stripped away by the wilderness along with nearly everythin...
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Jill Gowland  
Books: "Confessions of a Sandbagger" ISBN 1413755275, Published, December 2004, PublishAmerica. www/publishamerica.com/books/7322 also available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters.Indigo.ca Stage Plays: The Elevator - 1 act, comedy (won Promising playwright award) The Hoax - 1 ac...
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Jennifer Reinoehl  
Jennifer Reinoehl is a jack-of-all-trades freelance author on Guru.com. Non-fiction and postmodern fiction are her favorite genres of freelance writing. She enjoys reading a variety of subjects and genres. In college, she did biomedical research on a variety of topics including the medicinal uses of...
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Vernon Powell  
After serving with the U.S. Army, which included a tour in Viet Nam, Vernon Powell returned to the Chicago area to spend the next twenty years working on major urban rehabilitation projects in every corner of the “Windy City.” From the sparkle of Michigan Avenue to the squalor that surrounds the Hen...
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Richard  Trevae  
Part adventurer, part businessman, part author, Richard Trevae is a chemical engineer with an MBA in Finance and Management. Trevae matured a startup design/construction/development firm into a publicly traded company that later merged with a parent corporation generating four billion dollars in ann...
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Emma Smith  
ok, my name is Emma Smith and im 14 years old. (i know i know, alot of people say that i cant be serious about my writing if im a teenager and they are probably right, i mean, god knows my spelling is awful) Anyway i live in the UK with my parents. I go to school, i watch t.v. i go onto the compu...
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Maggie  Anderson  
M. A. Anderson has always had a love of things that go bump in the night. At the age of fourteen she was introduced to Dracula for a book review in her English class. From the moment she turned the first page, she was seduced by Bram Stoker's unorthodox, charismatic character, and has been a fan of ...
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Olga Gardner Galvin  
I am the founder and publisher of ENC Press, a small but completely independent boutique press fascinated by unusual, unpredictable fiction — sharp, well-plotted, entertaining, and driven by engaging characters. If it happens to contain elements of social and political satire or commentary, so much ...
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Chantal  Bellehumeur  
I am a self-publishing author with 7 books out (romances, horror, suspense, fantasy). All my novels are available to purchase at www.rosedogboostore.com and Amazon. Detailed info on my books can be found on those sites as well. I started working for a newspaper not too long ago, and word got ou...
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