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Randy  Mitchell  
About Me God gives each of us a pathway to follow, a divine choice of which way to turn, given moments which create us into something we never imagined. A few years ago, I drove past my childhood home: a simplistic place where childhood memories still resided dee...
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Annette Dunlea Irish Author  
She is a 39 year old female Irish fiction writer. In the past she has worked as a teacher, dept educational examiner, bookseller and librarian. She has written a novel and an anthology of poetry and is currently working on her second novel on supernatural love. Her writing records present and past d...
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Stephen Burckhardt  
Stephen Burckhardt was born in Wichita, KS. His family moved around quite a bit while he was growing up but always stayed around the Wichita area. After spending a few years as a child living on a ranch near Benton, KS, Stephen developed a deep love for all things western. Being a proud memb...
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Nicole Rouse  
As a child I dreamed of becoming an actress, a singer and a super model, like the talented and gifted Iman. As I grew older, my I thought perhaps I would enjoy pediatrics or maybe teaching, like my wonderful mother. I didnít know much about writing as a career or even how to pursue it in college. Th...
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Debra Di Blasi  
Debra Di Blasi (website: www.debradiblasi.com) won the 2003 James C. McCormick Fellowship in Fiction from the Christopher Isherwood Foundation, a 1991 Eyster Prize in Fiction, and was a finalist in the Heekin Foundationís Novel-in-Progress. Her story, "Sparrows," was nominated for a 2004 Pushcart Pr...
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Vince Rogers  
Vince Rogers is the author, editor and publisher of Wax Vainglorious: Volume(s) 1- 3; available @ www.lulu.com/spotlight/vincevision & www.amazon.com/- /e/B003R3WVT0 to read excerpts visit http://vincevision.blogspot.com Wax Vainglorious: Volume 1 was selected as an Amazon.com Editor’s Choice ...
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Wendy Laing  
I'm a writer, part-time housewife with a Master of Arts at University. My Masters was a project, involving writing a book with an accompanying thesis. The topic was: Severance Packages: A Crime / Paranormal Novel and Exegesis focussing on the Electronic and Digital publication of Creative Writing....
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Shirley Irvin-Long  
I am a mother, wife, author, writer/song-writer, and poet. I love to write on various topic matters but my favorite is writing about love and romance. I have always had a passion to write on this subject since I was a teen. It fascinated me. I love telling the story about love and the ways in wh...
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H F J (Jansen) Estrup  
Author of the Starlight On Stone series, books WEST, EAST, SOUTH and NORTH have already been published. The climax, CRUX, is due out in Winter 2014. Both paperback and ebook editions are currently available. Born at the end of the Great Depression, I was imprinted by World War II and developed a ...
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