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Steven Moore  
I’ve been around. I’ve sold cucumbers door-to-door; played trombone in a dance band; surveyed the Manistee river flats in Michigan; umpired semi-pro baseball; burned bodies in a crematorium; owned a fine art gallery; run a commercial photography business; conducted a private counselling practice; an...
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John Blair  
Available now for hire to speak about the creative writing process (stories, novels, screenplays) and how to become published -- especially suitable for high school students. Contact me also for editing services at reasonable rates. A former president of the Canadian Authors Association, and Dir...
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Georges Kirsteller Ryoki Inoue  
The literary production of the untiring Ryoki Inoue took him not only to the Guinness Book as the most proliphic author all over the world, but also to be compared to Georges Simenon by some intenational critics. Some other compare his style and his production velocity to Sidney Sheldon. Other...
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S P Mount  
My Ex-position-al Life S P Mount was born with a biro in his grubby little grasp. A cheap pen, because, apart from it being the sixties and the only computer available being one's own brain, the family he'd been allocated couldn't have afforded much more than that. But a mistake had been ...
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John Roberson  
"He is grateful that he only has twelve readers, as he fears a thirteenth might betray him."--John Barth JOHN LINTON ROBERSON Cartoonist, Writer, and Editor Site: http://home.earthlink.net/~bottomlessstudio John Linton Roberson was raised in Charleston, SC, much to his regret. In 1987 he ent...
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Paul JJ Payack  
Paul JJ Payack's most recent book is A Million Words and Counting: How Global English is Re-writing the World (2009). Payack has also authored hundreds of what The Paris Review called “prose poems,” The Kansas City Star, “polyphonic prose,” and Contemporary Authors, “metafiction”. Payack’...
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Davis Riddle  
I am a Consulting Forester whose first love was writing. I wrote my first "book," a semi-literate picture book on WWII when I was in 2nd grade. As a hobby, I was constantly making up new stories, characters, worlds, and events through grade school. In high school, I created a world by first drawi...
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Stacy Taylor  
I'm an over thirty southern girl now living in the wilds of Alaska--which aren't really all that wild in downtown Fairbanks. Because I work a full time job and have a teenage son to keep up with, I write mostly short fiction and flash fiction with an occasional article or essay thrown in for go...
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Sheree Greer  
Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I received my bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Human Resources, while quietly burning with the desire to be a writer (translation: English MINOR). A few weeks before my graduation, my mother happened to be going through some old pictures and...
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