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Claire Manning  
A new Canadian author/writer, born in Quebec, Claire Manning became a writer 2013 - It is never too late to reach a goal!,she thought. It was part of her bucket list to at least write one.Since then, she has written and published many more. All her books are now available on Amazon and Kobo. My c...
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Darren Franz  
Darren Franz was born and raised in Woodhaven, New York, a stone’s throw from Manhattan, which, with all its eccentricity, could be a horror writer’s best nightmare. Back before kids lived on computers, Darren and his friends spent hours on end playing Catch-one, catch-all in the streets and taki...
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William Bott  
I grew up in a few different areas, all in southeast Virginia. I was born and raised in Norfolk, the son of a military father and a tax-preparer mother. We later moved to a nice middle-class neighborhood in another smaller town with mostly friendly people and a nice, quiet atmosphere. I have one b...
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Joe Vojt  
Joe Vojt novels include, Mystified Humanity, Wings of Air, Enduring Prophesy, and Threshold of Consciousness. Previously worked in the quality manufacturing arena, this included NASA projects, like the Apollo program and a variety of space satellites for Hughes and other technical industries. He liv...
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Ugur Uludag  
Uğur Uludağ, born in 1971, established the IWS (Institute of Wisecrack Standards - http://www.esek.org ) with Gökhan Semiz in 1990. After graduating from Müjdat Gezen Art Center in 1995, with the IWS he performed his first professional work. Uğur Uludağ, who is also on the world'...
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Paul Kupperberg  
Paul Kupperberg is the current writer of the bestselling LIFE WITH ARCHIE: THE MARRIED LIFE Magazine for Archie Comics, and recently launched Buffalo Avenue Books (Buffaloavenuebooks.blogspot.com), an imprint showcasing his own works, including his mystery novel THE SAME OLD STORY (March 2011) and s...
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Sonny Maton  
72 year old John L. "Sonny" Maton was born and raised in the small, mid-western, farming community of Pana, Illinois. During the Korean War, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserves while still in high school. Upon graduation from high school he was discharged honorably from the Navy and immediately j...
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Joseph Befumo  
Born in 1952, in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Joe Befumo dropped out of high school and worked on the docks at Red Hook until 1979, when he enrolled in college to study physics and mathematics. After graduating with honors, he did a stint as Senior Engineer at Digital Equipment Cor...
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Anthony Hernandez  
By day, Anthony is the Documentation Manager for Curious Labs, makers of Poser. He has broad industry experience and has authored over 30 large technical manuals for both internal corporate and public audiences. By night, he writes science fiction novels. His greatest influences are Isaac Asimov, F...
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