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Leonardo Wild  
A brief narrative account of my career I began writing at the age of twelve. I still have, from those days, five unpublished, handwritten manuscript-novels in Spanish. My professional writing career began in 1994 when I started to publish a series of weekly articles for one of the main ...
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Todd Daigneault "Grant Miller"  
By 2004, I had five articles published, going back to 1999, printed in a locally-published non-fictional magazine dealing with the paranormal and UFOs (scientific theories of mine and personal experiences relating to the UFO and paranormal phenomena). I had been writing short and long stories, since...
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Austen Brauker  
Austen Brauker “HOMUNCULUS" a screenplay by Austen Brauker “1st Place, Best Overall Script, All Categories” Los Angeles Movie Awards 2012 “1st Place, Best of Category” Mountain Film Festival 2012 “1st Place, Grand Prize, All categories” Oregon Film Festival 2011 “1st Place, Be...
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Hedi Enghelberg  
Hedi Enghelberg (born August 14, 1957) is a Mechanical Engineer (ICB, University of Bucharest, 1982) and was granted an M.Sc ("Toar Sheni") by Israel's Department of Education in 1984. In 1986, Hedi Enghelberg moved to Venezuela and currently resides in South Florida. His father, Moises Enghelberg (...
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Craig Faris  
Craig Faris is a twenty-nine-time award-winning author of fiction and plays, including four Best of Issue awards in the 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 editions of the South Carolina Writers Workshop anthology. He has been published seventeen times. Five of his short stories have won the South Carolina C...
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Dallas Releford  
Biography of Dallas G. Releford Mr. Dallas G. Releford, BS/MS 1518 Rugg Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 Telephone: (513) 521-1346 Email: DReleford@Worldnet.att.net URL: The Editors Eye http://www.home.worldnet.att.net/~DReleford/index.html Dallas G. Releford was born in Central Kentucky, t...
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Prof. James Villanueva  
Prof. (Dr.) James Villanueva has a Ph.D in English (USA), Ph.D in Humanities Creative Writing (Hawaii) and Psycholinguistics (USA) and conducts a number of workshops locally as well as overseas in the teaching of English as a first, second and foreign language. He is also the Visiting Professor a...
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J. Richard Jacobs  
See supplemental URL mentioned on the main URL for personal data... I write in all genre, but tend to prefer hard science fiction and speculative fiction. Most of my work mixes genre and is strongly character driven with science (real science) playing a big role. I don't believe a story is a st...
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James Lewis  
THE DOCTORS DILEMMA NOVEL HAS NOT YET BEEN PUBLISHED Lets be up front. This author is well-known by literate persons just about everywhere on Earth. But his name gets ugly fast. Some think he is a nefarious monster; others think he is the scapegoat of a senseless witch hunt. None who intimat...
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