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Peggy Bechko  
SHORT BIOGRAPHY -- Peggy A. Bechko (P.A. Bechko) A frequently published novelist, with fifteen works (westerns, romances, fantasy) to my credit, my publishers have been Doubleday, Harlequin, Pinnacle and Thorndike Press ( a division of The Gale Group), and now, in the Electronic field, The Fict...
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Emmett Loverde  
Mr. Loverde is a native of Chicago, was raised in Berkeley, and received a degree in Theater, Film, and Television from UCLA. He has written extensively for stage, screen, television, and radio. Mr. Loverde's screenplays include the children's fantasy "Chinchilla" for JAF Entertainment; the histo...
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Joyce Marie Taylor  
Joyce Marie Taylor, although originally hailing from New Jersey, has lived in South Florida so long that she feels like a native of the state. After writing four Florida-themed novels, though, she was ready to try something a little different. Her newest novel, ANIRATAK, has just been released, ...
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John Blair  
Available now for hire to speak about the creative writing process (stories, novels, screenplays) and how to become published -- especially suitable for high school students. Contact me also for editing services at reasonable rates. A former president of the Canadian Authors Association, and Dir...
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Georges Kirsteller Ryoki Inoue  
The literary production of the untiring Ryoki Inoue took him not only to the Guinness Book as the most proliphic author all over the world, but also to be compared to Georges Simenon by some intenational critics. Some other compare his style and his production velocity to Sidney Sheldon. Other...
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Mickie Sherwood  
I'm a cruise-loving, people-watching, picture-snapping baby boomer with time on her hands. So, I write sweet and spicy relationship-based mainstream contemporary romantic love stories. Find me at: Mickie's Manor - http://www.mickiesherwood.com Mickie's Mutterings - http://www.mickiesherwood.co...
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S P Mount  
My Ex-position-al Life S P Mount was born with a biro in his grubby little grasp. A cheap pen, because, apart from it being the sixties and the only computer available being one's own brain, the family he'd been allocated couldn't have afforded much more than that. But a mistake had been ...
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Louise Karczmarz  
Louise was born in Farnbourgh, Kent in England and raised in Devon. She began writing at the age of eight and was first published in a local poetry competition aged ten with a poem called 'Things that go bump in the night.' She became interested in music in Primary School and took up playing the rec...
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Nicole Kiefer  
I was born in Germany into a Family with handicaps, my mother was confined to a wheelchair, and my father was born with Nail-Patella Syndrome, which I inherited... (Thanks dad) However, seriously, I was lucky to be raised by people with so much compassion and inner strength. Until I went to school, ...
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