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Denver Batiste  
At the age of four, Denver knew she wanted to be a writer. Her grandmother, a Creole from Krotz Springs, LA., kept her and her siblings up at night by telling tantalizing stories of ghosts, ghouls, and the stereo-typical zombies that were a part of her culture and heritage. Denver started incorpora...
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María Cristina Azcona-Poetisa Argentina  
Maria Cristina Azcona Escritora argentina Poetisa argentina Novelista y ensayista Experta de la UNESCO para Educación por la Paz y Literatura por la Paz. Directora para Argentina DEL IFLAC: Foro Internacional de Literatura Y Cultura por la Paz Directora y fundadora del club de poe...
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Maureen McMahon  
Maureen was born in Niles, Michigan. She studied English and creative writing, first at Niles High School and later at Western Michigan University. She earned an English Major/Creative Writing Emphasis from WMU and obtained teaching certification. Fascinated with her mother’s country of birth, Ma...
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Elle Newmark  
Visit me at www.ellenewmark.com For many years I worked as an advertising drone writing copy to sell everything from musical instruments to fertilizer–the sublime to the ridiculous. In 1985 I moved from the U.S. to Europe where I lived for seven years. During that time I traveled incessen...
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Karen E Smith  
The best way I find to concisely describe myself is to simply say, there are billions of pieces that comprise my life's puzzle. I'll share a few of them with you: 1. For all of my life experiences and wisdom gained, I give thanks to God. 2. I can truly say that I am an extremely happy person w...
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Matthew Dickerson  
“Somewhere, sometime, and on some dimension of existence, anything that is fantasy to us, is real to someone else.” ~ Matthew Dickerson There are two kinds of writers in the world – those who write to live and those who live to write. That is a phrase I first heard from my mother when I first beg...
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Claire Manning  
A new Canadian author/writer, born in Quebec, Claire Manning became a writer 2013 - It is never too late to reach a goal!,she thought. It was part of her bucket list to at least write one.Since then, she has written and published many more. All her books are now available on Amazon and Kobo. My c...
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William Bott  
I grew up in a few different areas, all in southeast Virginia. I was born and raised in Norfolk, the son of a military father and a tax-preparer mother. We later moved to a nice middle-class neighborhood in another smaller town with mostly friendly people and a nice, quiet atmosphere. I have one b...
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Joseph Befumo  
Born in 1952, in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Joe Befumo dropped out of high school and worked on the docks at Red Hook until 1979, when he enrolled in college to study physics and mathematics. After graduating with honors, he did a stint as Senior Engineer at Digital Equipment Cor...
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